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  1. SpoonyBard

    Capcom's Other Ryu: Talking about Breath of Fire

    The recent Breath of Fire I & II episode of Retronauts got me interested in giving BoF2 another look as it has been quite some time since I last played it. BoF1 I had replayed fairly recently, but not BoF2. I'm currently just about to enter Simafort, and wow I had forgotten how tedious the...
  2. Fyonn

    Devil May Cry: A Wide Assortment Of Sad Denizens Of Hell

    I'm planning on playing all the Devil May Cry games in a row - DMC1, skipping SMT3 because I did it recently, DMC3, DMC4, and finally DMC5. Here are two facts about me: I have beaten Bayonetta on the highest difficulty setting. I consider myself "not quite good" at this genre. I have already...
  3. ShakeWell

    Ghosts 'n' Goblins Resurrection: Killing Demons in Your Underwear 2021

    Yo. I kinda love the storybook art style and... MORE GNG!
  4. WildcatJF

    Capcom Arcade Stadium brings back the retro

    I'll be listing out everything when the Awards end, but I AM FUCKING HYPE FOR THIS
  5. Octopus Prime

    Jinglebell Rockman: It's MEGAMAS 2020!

    Twas a month before Christmas And all through the Poles No Elves were working There were no toys at all Santa was cowered Frightful, under his bed "There are Robots coming!" was what he repeatedly said His wife ran to the phone She knew he was right She pressed 1 on the Speed Dial And spoke to...
  6. Daikaiju

    Mega Man: Get Equipped with Thread Shot!

    Let's begin by revisting one of the Blue Bomber's more obscure outings, via The Gaming Historian.
  7. Falselogic

    Our Good Mayor, Mike Haggar

    He's good.
  8. ShakeWell

    The VIllage People: Talking About Resident Evil 8

    Some new stuff talked about RE: RE8 today. They teased a possible PS4/Xbone release? They talked about how they want to let the player figure out stuff and not be super prescriptive with solutions to different situations, which, like, I don't expect an immersive sim from RE, but if it tilts...
  9. narcodis

    A bark bigger than their bite: MONSTER HUNTER on the SWITCH

    This direct contained two new monster hunter games Monster Hunter: RISE and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin First impressions: DOGGO
  10. chud_666

    Threadsident Readvil: Conversations (A thread for general discussion of Resi) RESURRECTION

    Hey all Been meaning to do a wrap up of my covid series replay. Here are my cool ass blurbs so far: RE: Zero: 5/10 This is perfectly playable, pretty, and some fun to be had. After the near renaissance of REMake though, this is a slog. It's no wonder they dump entire style for next game...