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  1. Falselogic

    Our Good Mayor, Mike Haggar

    He's good.
  2. ShakeWell

    The VIllage People: Talking About Resident Evil 8

    Some new stuff talked about RE: RE8 today. They teased a possible PS4/Xbone release? They talked about how they want to let the player figure out stuff and not be super prescriptive with solutions to different situations, which, like, I don't expect an immersive sim from RE, but if it tilts...
  3. narcodis

    A bark bigger than their bite: MONSTER HUNTER on the SWITCH

    This direct contained two new monster hunter games Monster Hunter: RISE and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin First impressions: DOGGO
  4. chud_666

    Threadsident Readvil: Conversations (A thread for general discussion of Resi) RESURRECTION

    Hey all Been meaning to do a wrap up of my covid series replay. Here are my cool ass blurbs so far: RE: Zero: 5/10 This is perfectly playable, pretty, and some fun to be had. After the near renaissance of REMake though, this is a slog. It's no wonder they dump entire style for next game...