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Welcome to the All-Singing, All-Dancing, TT 3.0 Banner Bonanza!


Threat Rhyme
Hey I done another one, can you guess the inspiration? It's really subtle!


(this will be updated again someday... right?)


Won't a vertical one like the last one offset the whole forum? There's already a bit of weird jitter from slightly different height ones, but maybe there's a way to fix the height of all of them?


Round and round I go
Staff member
The max height is fixed, in fact, so the last one will most likely be unreadable.


puyo padoru girl
screwing around with some concepts for a new talking time banner (from Page 57 of Compile's Disc Station Vol 13 Magazine):

Edited for 200px height, but I have the full versions of the images too.

Option 1 which basically edits the Compile website text to be Talking Time:

Option 2 which instead changes the whole box to be Talking Time instead:

I could also edit it to be the full screen, but I think that kinda hurts the retro aesthetic a bit. Open to suggestions regardless.
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