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Top 50 Duos: Counting the Seconds


I didn't think of Ryu and Ken, though they totally deserve to be on this list. I kind of fell off of fighting games after the 16-Bit era, when systems began getting ever more complicated.


Let's Pock (Art @szk_tencho)
(he / his / him)
I didn't vote for Ryu or Ken but they are one of fighting's great duos. And Torzelbaum shared what I consider their iconic moment as well; The Animated Movie works extra hard to establish their bond and history, culminating in an epic two on one slugfest with an OP M. Bison. Fantastic.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
Tom Servo & Crow and Ryu & Ken are great picks admittedly. I didn't choose either because I've always considered the bots as part of a trio (Joel, Mike, Jonah, and Emily) and the latter as rivals.

Johnny Unusual


Peanut Butter & Jelly


62 Points, 2 List, Highest Vote: #5 @RT-55J & @SabreCat

Source: The Culinary World

Duo-Type: Only one is still allowed in schools.


Peanut butter is a spread made of ground, dry-roasted peanuts. Usually some forms of salt, sweeteners and emulsifiers are added to it for flavour and textures. Many people have credited George Washington Carver with the invention of peanut butter but in fact many forms of peanut butter existed prior to the publication of How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it For Human Consumption (though it certainly helped growing in popularity.) References to peanut butter can be traced back to Aztec and Inca civilizations with modern peanut butter being patented in 1884 by Montreal chemist Marcellus Gilmore Edson. Ten years later it was sold as a snack food by George Bayle of St. Louis and it gained popularity during the first World War due to food rationing. Since then, many brands have popped up such as Peter Pan, Skippy and Jif.


Jelly is a fruit preserve spread that is very similar to jam, except the fruit pulp is filtered out in the cooking process. The jellied consistency is shared with the same-named dessert “jelly”. Quinces, redcurrants and apples are preferred for their high pectin quality but in the US, the most popular include strawberries or Concord grapes. Some jellies, like redcurrant and mint jelly, are popular spreads on meaty, savoury foods but in general they are most popular as a sandwich or toast spread.

Peanut Butter and jelly, AKA PB & J, is a combination of the two spreads, usually in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It can be served between two slices of breads, in a folded slice of bread or as an open-faced sandwich if you are truly mad. The sandwich is especially popular among children as a lunch or snack, with a 2002 survey conveying that the average American eats 1,500 PB & Js before graduating from high school, at which point they immediate switch to an all-ramen diet (or Kraft Dinner, if Canadian, or Kraft Dinner with ketchup, if Dire Canadian).

Due to the nature of the jelly, it has the potential to make the bread soggy, especially when it is sent to school for lunches. One strategy is to PB both slices of break and put the jelly between, as the problem is the jelly moisture rather than the peanut butter. It does create a new problem where the jam oozes out, but if you can seal the ends, then you got something going. Initially, peanut butter was more likely to be served with savory foods such as “pimento, cheese, celery, Worcestershire sauce, watercress, saltines and toasted crackers” according to Wikipedia. The first known peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipe Boston Cooking School Magazine where it used three slices of bread with the middle one acting as a barrier between the two spreads. When the price of peanut butter went down and became more affordable, the sandwich started to gain popularity and became a kids’ standard in the 1920s and in WWII, it also became a ration standard for soldiers.

With more caution regarding peanut allergies in school, the era of peanut butter and jelly as a school lunch is coming to an end. Yes, there’s still Wow Butter and similar non-allergenic replacements but it used to be a lunch the kids could make themselves if they needed to. A simple staple of childhood, it was a mix of the sweet and savoury with basic, comforting flavours for the kids. But it still certainly exists in other forms and I’m definitely seen the flavour represented in other capacities (like a local ice creamery had PB&J ice cream. Tastes are changing but there’s still something cozy about the simplicity of this classic kids food.

Iconic Moment:

Look, let’s just watch terrifying dog men make sandwiches.



does the Underpants Dance
I did not choose this pair because there's a far superior companion with Peanut Butter that I chose instead. I wonder how long it's been since I've eaten a PB&J sandwich. I don't think I would choose to make one now because like... it's got such a small amount of protein! It's all fat and carbs!


Unfortunate doesn't begin to describe...
I'm gonna speak out on this: jelly is average at best.

It's not worth it to make your bread soggy.


PB&J is great mixed in with greek yogurt.

However, we have rid our home of peanuts, due to an allergy. We've been using Sun Butter (from sunflower seeds) as a replacement. The Trader Joe's version has a lot of added sugar and salt, but it tastes good, and works pretty well as a replacement.

Johnny Unusual


The Blues Brothers


64 Points, 4 Lists, Highest Vote: #10 @Pombar

Source: The Music/Comedy World

Duo-Type: Partners in crime


Jake “Joliet” Blues’ mother, a woman who murdered her husband, died giving birth to him with her last words being the insistence he be named Jake. He was raised in a Catholic orphanage by the strict Mother Mary Stigmata and while there fell in love with the blues. As he grew up, he ended up falling to a life of crime and spent three years in prison for armed robbery.


Elwood Blues was abandoned at a newspaper stand as a child and was taken to a Catholic orphanage, where he grew up. Hr grew up falling in love with the blues. Despite the strict upbringing of the orphanage, he didn’t become exactly an upstanding citizen but he appreciated what he was given by the orphanage and was honorbound to give back.

Raised in a Catholic orphanage, Jake and Elwood would learn about the blues from the orphanage’s janitor Curtis. The two made a pact, cutting their fingers with the guitar string of Elmore James and mixing their blood and becoming blood brothers. The two would create a blues band and called themselves the Blues Brothers, traveling the country as entertainers. Eventually Jake spent three years in jail but eventually got out in time for Elwood to recruit him to play a gig big enough to save the orphanage from foreclosure. They succeeded, though at the cost of creating a car chase so destructive, they were sent prison, at which point the duo immediately began putting on shows in the big house.

The characters were created by John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd as the two began to work together on Saturday Night Live. Ackroyd was lifelong blues fan while Belushi was a newbie, feeling excitement from the genre after becoming bored with modern rock and straight up hating disco. Soon the two put on shows, opening acts for Steve Martin and the Grateful Dead (interestingly many people assumed this was an SNL bit, since they gained most of their popularity from there but the characters existed well before their first TV appearance). The duo is known for their lively stage performance, an aspect that contrasts with their stoic demeanour off-stage. The group mostly sang covers of rhythm and blues and soul music standards such as Rocket 88 and Soul Man.

The Blues Brothers’ origin story is kind of sweet of a guy sharing his love of a genre to someone who immediately falls in love. As for the characters, that first movie really is a blast and I think that developing the characters as these entertainment dynamos who are mostly holding things back during non-musical things is a lot of fun. The tone is that these two are mostly these agents of chaos with hearts of gold and the habits of hardened criminals who can’t help but make enemies when they aren’t making music. But if your enemies include Nazis, you are probably doing something right.

Iconic Moment:

The Blues Brothers actually don’t do a ton of singing in their own movie but it is a delight when they do. One of the classic scenes is realizing they are in a situation where the blues won’t save them, they go country with the theme to Rawhide.

My favourite parts is people are just throwing bottles at them even when they like them.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
They are a good duo but I didn't have PB and J on my list. PB does have a lot of other partners and jelly (or its Echo Fighters jam and marmalade) has a few. Food duos just really weren't on my mind for this Top 50 - only one of them made my list.

My solution was always to spread the PB thin on both slices and only then put the jam on, so the jam never touches the bread.
Nowadays I only ever eat PB&Js at home and my solution is to toast the bread and eat the sandwich immediately. (It also helps that I usually only use some hearty whole grain bread for any of my sandwiches.)

it's got such a small amount of protein! It's all fat and carbs!
The right whole grain bread can help with the protein but not with the carbs. But it can also get you some of your fiber for the day.
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Johnny Unusual


Lupin III and Daisuke Jigen


65 Points, 2 Lists, Highest Vote: #3 @Kirin

Source: Lupin the Third

Duo-Type: Thick as… hmm… the words escape me.


Lupin the Third is the great grandson of the famous gentleman thief Arsene Lupin. Maybe. Little certain is known about him except he’s a thief himself, though far less a gentleman and more a womanizing thrill seeker, stealing mostly for the joy of getting away with the crime. Initially a darker figure, more willing to kill and do evil, his television incarnation codified him more as a fun-loving thief with a heart of gold and though he is not above targeting non-villains, almost invariably his criminal ways get him in the same circles are far more sinister criminals, often resulting in battles of wits between him. Lupin is a master of disguise, a prankster, a super genius and seemingly is capable of escaping impossible traps and scenarios using his wits and agility. Among his countless skills is marksman, a skill matched (and exceeded) only by…


Daisuke Jigen is a master sharpshooter and partner to Lupin the Third. His origins have also changed depending on the story, he initially appeared shadowing Lupin to help him from the shadows. Later, he was represented as more sociable, though a little less happy-go-lucky than his partner. He is almost always seen with a cigarette in his most and his hat seemingly covering his eyes. Jigen’s strength is his ability with a gun, seemingly capable of impossible shots, such as exploding warheads with a well-placed bullet, shooting skeet with a handgun and even deflecting bullets with his own. Though a pragmatic criminal, he gets joy helping to commit thefts and proving his amazing skills though mind-bending feats of accuracy.


Somewhere along the way, Lupin III and Jigen began a strong relationship based on trust, despite the fickle and untrustworthy nature of Lupin. If anything, Lupin’s devil may care attitude sometimes irks Jigen, who is far more practical despite the fact that the two are obsessed with planning over-the-top thefts in supposedly impregnable fortresses. Though they have other collaborators; the femme fatale Fujiko Mine, the honorable samurai thief Goemon Ishikawa XIII and, reluctantly yet still often, the incorruptible and tireless Inspector Zenigata, they spend the most time with each other, often shown as co-habitating in small, humble hovels despite the hoards of money and treasure they possess. They usually only call on their other friends when the situation has gotten bigger and more dire than expected.

Though there have been rare times they’ve been at odds, most of the bickering is simply about Lupin being impractical. However, they generally have a great time in capers with Lupin doing the footwork and Jigen providing support. That said, sometimes they do face dilemmas that end up causing real friction between them which is usually resolved by the end of the caper in part due to mutual trust in each other’s abilities and judgment. They also tend to stay cool under pressure, often used to being in situations where they are in far over their heads.

Though there have been a few “here’s how they met” stories, I don’t think ever have really been considered terribly canonical. It’s really more fun to leave it to the imagination because the characters often seem to have an unspoken comfort with each other, whether it is in dire straights or busting each other’s balls. There’s a very lived-in feel to this relationship, one that feels comfortable and rock solid, even in a world of betrayal and mistrust. And though they might lie to each other from time to time, there’s no sense that this bond is ever broken in a serious way because both understand who the other is.

Iconic Moment:

I don’t know which Lupin adventure is best specifically for the chemistry of the two characters but I often think of the chase scenes of Castle of Cagliostro when I think of the duo.



Oh man, great pair right there. Jigen is definitely the voice of reason, and nobody wants to listen to that.

Johnny Unusual


Death & Taxes


65 Points, 2 Lists, #1 @Pombar

Source: The Cobbler of Preston

Duo-Type: Ugh, these guys


Death is what occurs when the biological functions of an organism cease. All organisms are vulnerable to this factor and death can come in a variety of ways. The human lifespan means very few reach age 100 before they die, with the average lifespan 68.9-73.9. Death is very much feared and avoided by humans in general. Some believe that after death is a form of afterlife while others believe death is a final end for living entity. Currently, approximately 56 million people die every year. After death, many people honour their dead loved ones with rituals, with funerals being very common. Most people grieve the death of those close to them, meaning it is often a very emotional subject.


Taxation is a compulsory financial charge or levy imposed by a government entity to its people. The money collected is for the people to collectively fund government and public expenditures, and can be a way to regulate or reduce negative external costs. Those who pay are called taxpayers and include both individuals and legal entities. The first known example of taxation took place in Ancient Egypt in 3000-2800 BCE Every country has taxes that are used to pay for public, societal and national needs. Tax compliance refers to the laws that ensure that everyone pays their own fair share of taxes.

Death and taxes as a pair originates as an idiom popularized by statesman and scientist Benjamin Franklin in a letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Le Roy.

“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

However, the phrase actually existed earlier than that, going as far back as 1716 to the humour play The Cobbler of Preston, which is set after the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion. In the play, the line is as follows.

“You lye, you are not sure; for I say, Woman, 'tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes”

It is possible the phrase came earlier but if so, evidence of it has yet to emerge. The phrase is about the only things in life that are supposed to be certain, one being a truly unavoidable fate for all living things, the other a social responsibility that is something of a chore.

Iconic Moment:

I mean, he wasn’t the first to say in but Ben Franklin was the most famous person TO say it.


Summon for hire
Yessss, Lupin and Jigen. One of the all-time great pairs for pulling off a caper. In addition to enjoying a ton of their stories, I have a particular affection on account of Jigen having been a cosplay mainstay for me through many years of anime conventions back in the day.

Someone else must've also had 'em pretty high up to get that many points with two votes!

I also had Jake and Elwood farther down on my list.


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
I like to imagine Death and Taxes not getting along well, with Death always trying to decrease Taxes' taxable population, until one of the comes up with the idea of an estate tax.

Johnny Unusual


Fish & Chips


66 Points, 3 Lists, #6 @JBear

Source: The Culinary World

Duo-Type: Surf and Turf (Apples)


Fried fish is fish prepared with frying. One of the most popular methods to have fried fish is to cover the fish with batter and deep fry it until the batter forms into a savory crust around the fish. Fried fish remains a popular method to consume fish with popular chain restaurants with fried fish as the main dish include Long John Silver's, Skippers, Captain D's, and Arthur Treacher's. In the Southern United States, fish fries are a popular community event, often done in community centers and church basements and often in observance of lent.


French fries, also called, chips, finger chips, french-fried potatoes, or simply fries are potatoes and cut into long, evenly strips that are dried and fried (usually deep fried). French fries are generally served hot and either as a snack or as a side to a meal. Popular sauces, condiments and dips served with them include ketchup, vinegar, and mayonnaise to name a few. Sometimes, heavy topping is favoured, such as on chili cheese fries, poutine and loaded fries. Sweet potato fries is a popular alternative to potatoes in recent years. The actual origins are unclear; they may have been inspired by the description of “fried potatoes” from a Chilean writer in the 17th Century and then realized in Spain but there is also a dispute as to whether French fries originated in France or Belgium.

Fish and chips began as a popular duo in the United Kingdom in the 19th century, made of two foods with origins in other countries brought by immigrants. The battered fish came from Jewish immigrants from Spain and Portugal. The location of the first fish and chip shop is unknown, made even more complicated by the fact that chip shops and fried fish shops existed separately prior, meaning it isn’t clear when the first combination shop emerged. It became a popular dish among the working class with the rise of trawl fishing in the North Sea.

The oldest fish and chip restaurant still in operation is The Rock & Sole Plaice from 1871 while Samuel Isaacs created the first sit-down fish and chips restaurant in Lambeth, South London in 1896. Some of the most popular fish to fry include haddock, cod and other white fish, though it isn’t unheard of to use other kinds. In most cases, the fries used for fish and chips are of a thicker cut than those served with burgers. Mushy peas and pickled foods act as a popular side dish.

Growing up in the Maritimes, it’s no surprise that fish and chips are popular where I live (though we live close to a river rather than the sea) but really, our fish and chips aren’t that fancy. But I grew up on them and loved having local fish and chip places with loads of ketchup. I was never a tartar sauce guy, though I grew to love it in recent years. But whether it be a big nugget of grease or nice crunchy meal, fish and chips are something I have a craving for every so often. In fact, I might treat myself to some for lunch.

Iconic Moment:

I just wish I could find my local late 80s/early 90s ad for dancing fish and chips with CGI. This will have to do.



Internet's foremost Bertolli cosplayer
Aw maaaan. I totally managed to dig up the terrifying dancing CGI fry man a few years ago, and I even managed to find the exact post from 2019 on Discord, but the YT account that was hosting it has been suspended. And just like that, the terrifying CGI fry is lost in time, like tears in the rain.

Anyway, I love me some fish & chips (and the first image you posted looks like my platonic ideal), but I'm kind of picky about them? My favourite place in town (run by the local first nation and stupidly greasy/caloric) closed a few years ago and I haven't been able to find a local F&C that I love since. We do have a couple of local places that feel like they fell through a time hole from the 80s, back when basically every restaurant here in town was a fish & chips joint, but I don't really care for those either. I'm always on the lookout for a new favourite F&C place, so that I have someplace to which I can drag any American friends to who might choose to visit when I want to show them the local flavour.

Otherwise, it's largely a nostalgic choice for me. Not only did it used to be the only game in town, but it was also basically the only thing I'd eat until I was a teenager. If you took me to a restaurant and I couldn't get F&C, I'd make a scene (things have since changed dramatically, as these days I'll eat basically everything). My favourite meal was the shitty heat lamp F&C from a tiny shack called Ed's just down the road (and honestly, I'd still fuck with that now if they hadn't closed 30 years ago). To me, F&C *is* my childhood, which is honestly pretty sad, but that's what happens when neither of your parents like to cook. Other people have their comfort food just like mom used to make-- mine is fish & chips, just like Ed used to make.
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We here in the PNW also have tons of tasty fish and chips options. Tartar is alright but I'm mainly a malt vinegar guy myself.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
Long John's and Arthur Treachers have both have scant presence in Philly, but I always enjoy their fare when I can find them.

Johnny Unusual


R2-D2 & C-3PO


67 Points, 3 Lists, #8 @Olli

Source: Star Wars

Duo-Type: Goldman and Trashcan


R2-D2 (often simply Artoo) is a droid that once served Queen Amidala on the planet Naboo. Eventually, with the rise of the Galactice Empire, R2 became a servant of the Rebel Alliance and fell into the hands of Luke Skywalker with a mission to find the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. Eventually, he would become Luke Skywalker’s assistant when he joined the rebellion and an invaluable ally to the rebels. R2 is outfitted with a seemingly endless supply of all-purpose tools and uses them to get into computer systems, repair machinery such as X-Wing fighters and has even used some as offensive weapons. Despite his diminutive size and limited mobility/combat ability, R2 is very bold and brash and seems to be rather observant. R2-D2 speaks only in a variety of beeps and boops, which are generally understood by his close friends, including…


C-3PO is a protocol droid that was constructed by young prodigy Anakin Skywalker. Eventually, C-3PO (often just Threepio) served aboard a ship used by the Rebel Alliance and was captured and sold to farmboy Luke Skywalker. When Luke joined the Rebel Alliance, Threepio joined as well, often playing diplomatic roles. Threepio is known for being extremely polite and more than a little stuffy at times. He’s very focused on rules and safety and is often a worrywart when things are scary and dangerous. C-3PO is programmed for etiquette and protocol and with his limited movement is often a poor fit that a life with the rebellion has given him. Despite this, Threepio is steadfastly loyal to the rebellion and his ability to speak 6 million forms of communication has proven useful, such as when dealing with crime lord Jabba the Hutt or seeking the aid of the Ewoks. Threepio is also honest to a fault and tends to be uncomfortable with lying.

R2-D2 and C-3PO first met on Tattooine where the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi first met Anakin Skywalker. Soon, the two found themselves trying stop the Trade Federation from taking over the planet Naboo and were soon assisting the Galactic Republic in their battles with the militarized megacorporation. The war ended tragically with the Republic being taken over in a coup and eventually the two would serve Bail Organa. The two became part of the Rebellion when R2 was entrusted with a mission to contact Obi-Wan Kenobi and the two found themselves placed in dangerous situations.

The two are very much opposites with R2 being brave and Threepio being something of a coward. This often causes bickering between the two and Threepio berating R2 for what he sees as foolhardy behaviour and R2 ignoring him to do his own thing. Despite this, they care for each other, such as when R2 was damaged in battle and Threepio was offering to donate parts if it would help him live. They’ve played key roles in many Rebellion missions remained with the Rebellion for decades, both dedicated to the cause (though R2 is much more assertive about it than Threepio).

R2-D2 and C-3PO are childhood favourites of mine. As a four-year-old, Star Wars was my favourite film and I would watch it again and again. Though they are equal, it was not hard for me to see a “child-parent” dynamic between the two with one being small and noisy and the other being tall and fastidious. The two were modelled after two peasants in the film The Hidden Fortress but have grown into two of the most iconic characters of fiction, a couple of robots who are thrust rom danger to danger.

Iconic Moment:

R2’s greatest act of heroism…

It’s really hard to quit, guys.


Summon for hire
Had the droids around the middle of my list, though they could've been higher - I figured they'd be a popular choice. It's an amazing feat how much relatable back-and-forth they have as a pair when one of them doesn't even speak intelligible words at all. Reminding me now of some of the silent film duos from earlier in the list!
Fish & Chips is more of a symbol and a tourist attraction in the UK these days, I feel like. Long having been supplanted as standard greasy fast food fare by burgers, curries, pizzas, kebabs, etc. But it is an iconic duo.

Much like the droids!