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The Female Video Game Music Dome Nomination Thread

Johnny Unusual

The contributions of women to video games is sometimes overlooked and its no exception in the field of music. To this end, we are going to celebrate the best music for video games produced by women! And for the sake of accepting that we don't want to look at gender too rigidly, we'll include other gender identities that don't conform to the male/female convention.

Show your three tracks in this thread by linking to a youtube/bandcamp/etc. Deadline is Friday, August 13th. Remember to post your nominations as a list of links, and not a list of embeds!

Q: What if I want to do more?
A: Sorry, I'm sticking with three tracks.

Q: Is this just limited to video game music?
A: Yes, this one is only games

Q: So any music.?
A: Sure, as long as the creator is not male.

Q: Is this only composers?
A: No, singers too.

Q: OK, so if a woman does a piano cover of Mario, is that cool?
A: I kind of want to stick to music created for games originally. Though if it is a female cover of music originally created by a woman, I think that's in the spirit of this.

The only thing that you can't do that fits within this category is this previous winner.
Wild Arms - Migrant Bird of the Wilderness (Elemental Dome)

I hope we all enjoy this and find some cool music together. If you need some ideas but also feel free to post some links to some notable artists to help people find what they want to hear!


Threat Rhyme
I was going to go all Yoko Shimomura, and I found some tracks I was surprised to learn she had even done, but then I remembered Lena Raine and welp.

1) Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - The Grand Finale (Yoko Shimomura)
2) Celeste - Confronting Yourself (Lena Raine)
3) Mega Man 5 - Wily's Castle (Yoko Shimomura)

A note on the last one: It has been mentioned in several places that she did this track, but I can't track down any official source. The main composer of MM5 is, I believe, Mari Yamaguchi so I guess even if Shimomura didn't actually compose that track it still qualifies?


Beyond (Art @dice9633)
(he / his / him)
Yamaguchi is the composer for MM5. Never heard of Shimomura being involved with it (what Capcom Database cites for her work on the Famicom is Samurai Ghost, Code Name: Viper, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, and Mizushima Shinji no Daikoushien. This is backed up by her site).

(I have done a couple series on women composers, so I hope I'm not being annoying lol)
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Oh! Create!
(they/them, she/her)
Splatterhouse 3 - "Ending Credits" (Eiko Kaneda)
Wanderers from Ys - "Tower of Fate" (Mieko Ishikawa)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter - "Gambit Stage" (Yuki Iwai)

Content ID has apparently brought about the end of several reliable VGM upload channels, which is a fun thing to discover through trying to celebrate people's work.


Summon for hire
Aw dang, completely missed nomination time while on vacation. (This is gonna be a running theme for my posts today - I haven't logged on since the 6th.)

Johnny Unusual

Would have loved to see your choices. I will say, I was worried that there might be waning thunderdome interest but I got a good haul of great songs this time. Feel free to vote, if you are interested.