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The sequel to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


Women want fish fear meme
Bloodstained the ultimate form. It has the random everything of sotn that the above games missing. Only thing BS is missing is stolen repurposed sprites

The spirit of the repurposed sprites lives on in the jarringly out-of-place portraits of the game's more generous patrons

Super Megaman X

dead eyes
Unlike SOTN, AoS, DoS, and PoR, I'm only occasionally excited when I find a treasure in Bloodstained.
I mostly agree with you, it serves to lessen the need to "explore every corner of every room, who knows what's tucked away over there?", however, I'm surprised you mentioned DoS, I actually found that to be even more egregious due to the new "soul-fusing" options, and Bloodstained actually toned it down a bit.

Lance Noble Aster

did his best!
Soul Fusion is a similar concept to Bloodstained's crafting, but it crucially doesn't replace all the treasure in the game with random crafting materials. Consequently, it feels a lot more optional to me. Plus, you can make a lot of boss weapons that way, which don't feel as bad as "well I have this rock, so now I can make the middle short sword/claymore/boots/dagger/gun/spear/etc."
While I found the crafting and recipe stuff fun, I honestly enjoyed my playthroughs with Zangetsu and Bloodless more since I never once had to think about any of it. As long as they keep giving you options to play through the game multiple ways I'm happy.