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  1. R.R. Bigman

    Whipping A Dead Mr. Hed: The Castlevania Thread Of Sacred Remains

    Despite the series still being rather moribund, Castlevania still deserves a thread for discussing old games and foolishly hoping for new ones. I have decided that I need to give Simon's Quest another go. There is no part of this game that appeals to me, but it's Castlevania, and I feel I must...
  2. conchobhar

    Alwa's Legacy

    Two years ago, indie developer Elden Pixels released a great little game called Alwa's Awakening. For those unfamiliar with it, you can watch its trailer here. I highly recommend it! It stands as one of the most inventive search action games (or "metroidvania") I've played: it takes its...
  3. SpoonyBard

    A Thread Named FIGHT!: Talking about the Robot of the same name

    The old forums had the perfect thread title and I couldn't really improve on it, so here we are! A Robot Named FIGHT came out in 2017, first on Steam and later on Switch, and it's basically a Roguelite Super Metroid (a Metroguelite, if you will) that really gives 110% in that impersonation. From...
  4. SpoonyBard

    Hollow Knight: The Dark Souls of bug games

    So I was pretty LTTP on Hollow Knight, having only just started playing it shortly before TT 2.0 came to an end. I just now beat it, having toppled the real actual final boss, and ending with 99% completion at 31 hours 20 minutes played. I have not yet completed the final boss of the Grimm...
  5. Octopus Prime

    Bloodstained: The Dracula-Style Monster Castle Game

    Well, only a matter of time before this thread was made, and I like that thread title, so I wanted in on the ground floor! Anyway, Ritual of the Night got its Colour/Revenge update for Switch recently, and while I haven't touched that yet (outside of giving Miriam a spiffy new hair-dye...