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  1. Lokii

    Worldless: captivating castlemania in celestial settings (no worlds allowed)

    Picked up the starry new metrovan, Worldless. It's pretty cool! Does some interesting things with the metroidvania formula. There are the typical progression locks that are solved by finding a new powerup, a double-jump or what have you, but the combat system is a rhythm-ish JRPG thing that...
  2. Becksworth

    Pseudoregalia: This Goat-Bunny-Cat Lady be Movin!

    I would put this in the like what your playing thread, but it was made by a tiny development team, so I figured it could use the promotion: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2365810/Pseudoregalia/ https://rittzler.itch.io/pseudoregalia Basically it's a 3D Metroidvania made for a game jam...
  3. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 03/10/2023: You've got Metroid in my Castlevania! You've got Castlevania in my Metroid!

    A week with a Castlevania and a Metroid in it feels like the President and Vice President flying in the same airplane... Living in space, where nobody can hear you scream this week is the next update for the NSO Gameboy Advance Line-up, and it's a game I was honestly kind of surprised wasn't on...
  4. Becksworth

    The Metroid Thread: BOMB ALL THE WALLS!

    As mentioned in the Dread Thread, we don't have a general Metroid thread, so I'm making one. Seems appropriate with the Prime remaster out now to have a general purpose thread. But I'm not here to talk about that. Instead I want to bring up Metroid Planets. It was originally a PC remake of...
  5. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 02/27/2023: "Theatrhythm & Blues" ==OR== "No Games for Old Boys"

    Well, once again, I took a week off because there wasn't anything worth tlaking about, then Nintendo DUNN OPENED THE GATES AND LET THE WATER IN... So first and foremost, we've got a bunch of re-releases of old video games. And, BY A CALENDER MILE, the most substantial of that list is easily...
  6. chud_666

    2 Axiom 2 Verge: The Axiom Verge 2 thread about Axiom Verge 2

    SO THIS IS OUT I'm holding out on xb platform release, but may have to jump in on ps4. Anyone playing this yet?????
  7. Kishi

    The sequel to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Last month, the parent company of the publisher of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night released a quarterly earnings report which off-handedly mentioned that the beloved title has a sequel in development. Probably no one expected the news to be broken in such a dull way (and before the first...
  8. Peklo

    The Witch & the 66 Mushrooms

    First off, thanks to Loki for bringing up this game because that's how I found out it existed. Read his post and maybe that's enough to make you want to play, like it was for me--this thread is mostly reiteration just to raise the game's visibility further; I played through it and it's...
  9. Peklo

    Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth and the search for more action

    Team Ladybug's latest and ongoing treatise on the genre some call... whatever they please, really, has reached its latest early access milestone: stages 3 and 4 went live today, meaning that the game is now 80% complete, or thereabouts. Whether you're waiting for the full release to dip in, or...
  10. Octopus Prime

    A Night at the Met...troidvania

    Oh, hello, I didn't see you come in. My name is Octo, and you might remember me from our annual MEGAMAS thread, where we collectively try to beat down as many Mega Man bosses as we possibly can. Well, I recently came to the discovery that there are other genres of video game I like besides...
  11. Peklo

    Touhou Luna Nights for Switch: stop time and search action

    It's finally here: one of the best games in the search 'em up genre has through many twists and turns finally landed on the Switch's impending release list, scheduled for December 17th. Luna Nights originally launched in full in early 2019 for Steam, and maybe you saw me gush about it then on...
  12. R.R. Bigman

    Whipping A Dead Mr. Hed: The Castlevania Thread Of Sacred Remains

    Despite the series still being rather moribund, Castlevania still deserves a thread for discussing old games and foolishly hoping for new ones. I have decided that I need to give Simon's Quest another go. There is no part of this game that appeals to me, but it's Castlevania, and I feel I must...
  13. conchobhar

    Alwa's Legacy

    Two years ago, indie developer Elden Pixels released a great little game called Alwa's Awakening. For those unfamiliar with it, you can watch its trailer here. I highly recommend it! It stands as one of the most inventive search action games (or "metroidvania") I've played: it takes its...
  14. SpoonyBard

    A Thread Named FIGHT!: Talking about the Robot of the same name

    The old forums had the perfect thread title and I couldn't really improve on it, so here we are! A Robot Named FIGHT came out in 2017, first on Steam and later on Switch, and it's basically a Roguelite Super Metroid (a Metroguelite, if you will) that really gives 110% in that impersonation. From...
  15. SpoonyBard

    Hollow Knight: The Dark Souls of bug games

    So I was pretty LTTP on Hollow Knight, having only just started playing it shortly before TT 2.0 came to an end. I just now beat it, having toppled the real actual final boss, and ending with 99% completion at 31 hours 20 minutes played. I have not yet completed the final boss of the Grimm...
  16. Octopus Prime

    Bloodstained: The Dracula-Style Monster Castle Game

    Well, only a matter of time before this thread was made, and I like that thread title, so I wanted in on the ground floor! Anyway, Ritual of the Night got its Colour/Revenge update for Switch recently, and while I haven't touched that yet (outside of giving Miriam a spiffy new hair-dye...