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The Game Sales and Deals Thread, With No Apologies to Anyone


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Has anyone ever played the Disciples games by Strategy First and could comment on what they're like and if they're worth getting? I saw someone mention them in the reviews for another game that I like. And when I checked on Steam I saw that they were on sale for the next few days.

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The Switch port of Burnout Paradise got a permanent price dip to nearly half of its original price.

Since the Switch port was inexplicably nearly double what the other ports cost, this squares it firmly at “sensible”.


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With the 30% coupon from the bundle and the current HB sale on the Game of Thrones board game app, that's only $14 extra, which is a good deal in itself.
Bomber Crew with all DLC is on sale for $7.49 on Switch. Its a fun real time strategy crew based game set in 1940s World War II inspired by 2010s game FTL: Faster than Light. Its theme is silly more than gritty war drama, odd a combination that may be.


Blood Rage is worth it at that tier too! Happy to play sometime.
I haven't heard of that one either! And yes, we should play! I'll send you a PM, I think we're friends on Steam already but I'm not sure.

Also I'm bummed Splendor is PC only, I think it's the only game in the bundle that doesn't have Mac support.

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So Atlus is having a sale for the 3DS eShop - at least in EU - including Radiant Storia and Shin Megami Tensei Redux.

I'm tempted to get them, but do I really want to add to my backlog some digital titles for a practically dead platform? 🤔


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If you have access to them, I'd argue both of those games are better off played through their original DS versions.

Mr. Sensible

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Steam and GOG both have XCOM 2 on sale for less than USD$5 right now, which was enough to make me finally bite. The Steam version will be on sale through the 18th.
There's a pretty dang huge Square Enix sale on the Nintendo eshop as well as a few discounts on Mario games from March 10th. The SE portion of it might be one of the best sales from a big developer/publisher I've ever seen on the Switch.


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YMMV but my local Walmart had physical copies of Yokai Watch on 3DS for $3 and physical copies of Dreams for PS4 for $7. I dunno???


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FFX/X-2 and FFXII are both 20$ for the Switch version on Amazon.ca.

Edit: Looks like it's on sale everywhere you can get it physically in Canada? At least I can confirm Best Buy and EB Games also are listing this price.


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Namco sale on the eShop because Pac-Man 99, I presume. With all the gold points I saved up, I basically got Mr. Driller DrillLand for free. Big discounts on those NES collections, too, if you were waiting to jump on those.
Culdcept Revolt, for 3DS, is supposed to be good right? Well, it's currently $4.99 on the eshop.

Also, most Atlus 3DS games are half price right now.


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There is a Japanese made games sale on Steam right now. What are some of the games up that I should be looking into getting?
Not just any sale, but GOLDEN WEEK

There's honestly so many games on sale for pretty good discounts, that it would be pretty hard to give recs without knowing what your proclivites are and what you've already got in your library. I suggest just scrolling through and making note of what catches your eye first.

There really is just too many games on sale here.


Yeah, on Friday or Saturday I decided I was going to scroll through everything on sale, I spent entirely too many minutes and finally gave up.

I might finally pick up Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, I've been hearing about that one for a long time. Apparently it came out in 2010!?

I've also always been curious about the Hyperdimension Neptunia games but not enough to actually buy any. The premise of countries of anime girls based on consoles fighting is just so damned weird.