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The Game Sales and Deals Thread, With No Apologies to Anyone


Fearful asymmetry
The guest ships in Dariusburst kind of blow my mind. There's like a dozen of them, including characters that from all appearances would be wildly incongruent with the Darius style of gameplay. Yet somehow they made Opa-Opa and the ship from Dodonpachi work within the framework of an entirely different game. I guess the relative banality of Darius's design makes that possible... you can pop all kinds of ships with all different kinds of play mechanics in there, and the game is open to it because there's no central "hook" in Darius that runs contrary to the way any of those other games play.


does the Underpants Dance
Big Darius sale on Steam!

Oooo, good timing. I've been thinking about getting these but wasn't sure which platform I wanted them on.


This month's Humble Choice is really good - Deathloop alone is worth the $12, but there's a lot of good games there. Maybe I'll get to them once I've stopped putting hundred of hours in Railroads.

They also have an RPG Bundle, the Baldur's Gate and Beyond Bundle, that has some great games. And Planescape Torment for $1 is a steal any day of the week.

Snatched the whole BG bundle and am a happy subscriber (especially this month) to Humble Choice.


can stop, will stop
I was planning on buying Inscryption in the current Steam Halloween sale, and then when I clicked into its store page I noticed something interesting. It's currently part of a bundle with the creator's other two games, Pony Island and The Hex, but since I already owned those I was offered a 20% discount for Inscryption on top of the sale price. So this might be a narrow post, but if you own Pony Island and The Hex on Steam and want to buy Inscryption, you can get it for under $10 at the moment.


Fearful asymmetry
Hot fragnards! They actually cut the price for most of Nintendo's Arcade Archive games, including that stupidly hard arcade version of Super Mario Brothers! They're $5.59, which isn't a fantastic price cut, but it's SOMETHING.

And oh yeah, Eiyuden Chronicle Rising (the prequel to the Suikoden revival) is just $2.99 on Switch for the next, uh... day. So if you want it, you'd better get it soon.
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