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Talking Time Jukebox


Geno Cidecity
Look, I get why people would say they prefer Antonio Banderas for the role of Che in Evita than Colm Wilkinson and there are a lot of obvious reasons for picking someone who speaks Spanish natively in the role but there's just something right about having an Irish guy singing about the death of a symbolic head of state that he didn't like very much



can stop, will stop
I don't know where else this belongs, but some footage of the Clash busking in Edinburgh in 1985 recently emerged and it's pretty great.



Summon for hire
Man that’s an awesome video. Even if you’re not super into the Clash, worth it for the second song where the singer’s so intent on playing to the camera he’s about two seconds away from giving himself a concussion climbing on gates that accidentally start opening, but he never stops singing.


Even so, joint shifting is pretty wild.

Polyphia is good. I need to get around to seeing them live one day.