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Talking Time Jukebox

Exposition Owl

it's the owliday season
I usually listen to XO or Either/Or when I want Elliott Smith but I put Figure 8 on today and remembered it has some great tracks.

Man, it sure does, doesn't it? L.A. is one of the rare few upbeat Elliott Smith tracks, for instance, and it rocks.

In other news:

I had a real urge to hear some Blur today. I can never decided between He Thought Of Cars and Trouble In The Message Centre as my favourite tune, but this live version of the former really is something special. The brass and the crunchier guitar sound just makes it sounds absolutely huge and epic.


Pajaro Pete


kept getting this recommended to me on The Youtube and when i finally listened to it i was like "oooh it's on account of the studio killers feature"


Geno Cidecity
So I was wondering what unreleased Zevon tunes are out there that sound like they'd be something that could be by pre-Aja Steely Dan. This appears to be that, although the tell that this is not actually a Katy Lied outtake is that the turnaround doesn't have the signature 'mu major' chord