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Talking Time Jukebox

Tiers in Rain

Gaming Replicant!
I'm currently obsessed with this artist who finds abandoned places and performs live synthesis in them. In this particular video she's performing in an abandoned castle in France.



Lapsed Threadcromancer
I'm sure a lot of you know about this song, Girl in the Tower from King's Quest VI:

Someone did a epic metal cover of it and I am just speechless...



stuck in baby prison
Sorry to intrude, but this seems like the closest thing we have in the Music subforum to a NWIOT: there's a Top 50 Rock Bands nomination thread going on over in Popularity Contests, if anyone wants to participate. It'll be open for another week or so.
I usually listen to XO or Either/Or when I want Elliott Smith but I put Figure 8 on today and remembered it has some great tracks.