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Streaming Time: Hey Mom, Watch Me Beat This Guy!


Mellotron enthusiast
Tonight at 7 CST I'll be starting a playthrough of the Nier Replicant remaster! Come hang out if that sounds like something you want to watch:


..and his little cat, too
ICYMI. Perhaps because Twitch keeps changing the name of my stream to say "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3," and nothing works to get it to stay as whatever I change it to.

Not sure if there's any fans of Beat Saber out there, but here's some of my favorite custom songs to add to the game!
Oh, I think embedding is disabled on this one because it's been copyright flagged? Because of the songs. : (


Sudden chomper
I ran through the SGDQ kaizo race levels last night, in case you were wondering what it would look like if a mere mortal played them:

You might want to skip the first 10 minutes of the third level, it’s mostly just me learning the weird yoshi flight tech that you need to complete it.


Mellotron enthusiast
I've been having technical difficulties, and was wondering if someone here might be able to offer advice.

The past several times I've tried streaming over the last couple weeks, the broadcast has died multiple times, for reasons that are unclear to me. I've been using my PS4's Share feature to do it; I've tried streaming PS4 games through my laptop, but sadly my laptop just doesn't have the juice for it, so this is realistically my only option. The PS4's Share settings don't seem all that extensive, and googling the problem didn't turn up anything helpful that I could see. I don't think it's a bandwidth problem, because this has happened even when I've tried streaming with no one else in the house and me not having anything else running.

Any suggestions and/or advice would be appreciated!