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Preversusly On The Televisiondome

Exposition Owl

more posts about buildings and food
Muppets and Star Trek.



Threat Rhyme


Why is this so hard


Star Trek

Wait yes..



....yeah. Star Trek. But man.



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Staff member
I missed the last couple of rounds of voting due to travel. But anyway, I'm voting for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Johnny Unusual

And the winner is...


This was a very fun Thunderdome to host. While the winner wasn't a dark horse, it was a surprise. I didn't want to give away the game but on old talking time I hosted a TV dome where the Muppet Show theme won... only to learn years prior @Issun hosted a thunderdome where the Muppet Show theme won. I kind of hope it would make it into the dome of fame, completely cementing it's win. But it does mean it might have a chance to compete again in thematically appropriate domes!

But as for our winner, no one's going to complain about the victory of one of the most beloved sci-fi shows of all time with beloved characters like Captain Jean-Luc Petard, #1, Deanna of Troy, Data, Jordie Forge, The Crusher, Sweaters (the boy who wore sweaters), Whoopi Goldberg and Dr. Pulanski, the lady who just.... would not stop trying to dunk on Data. What's your deal lady!?

Anyway, that theme began with the Star Trek movie and was so awesome, of course it would become the theme to an even better Star Trek show. That has some... really bad episodes. Astoundingly bad. Still love it, though.

Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope it was as fun for you as it was fun for me!

The end!