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Preversusly On The Televisiondome


Summon for hire
Aw man, can’t believe my two space themes ended up fighting each other. Welp. MandoBK I guess.

Johnny Unusual

Star Trek: The Next Generation discovers new worlds and new rounds while the Interdimensional ABK has an a-a-amulet! We are heading into Round 4 with some heavy hitters and a few dark horse choices. Things are moving fast and I'm not the guy who likes to slow down when we are nearing the end!

Round 4
Match 57
First, it's a battle above us as @Falselogic 's Airwolf locks onto @Bongo's Star Fleet. Since we are getting to the end, how about I bust out more show trivia.
"For a period of time, the series seemed to feature endless "Vietnam Flashbacks", in nearly every episode."
Star Fleet was originally called X-Bomber in Japan. And it's just a cooler name. Also, it had two more episodes in the original Japanese.


Match 58
@Torzelbaum's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is crashed by @WildcatJF's The Muppet Show. It's really a chocolate/peanut butter situation but alas there can only be one winner.
Trivia time:
Prince and Wynwood were also inductees this year and Petty and Lynne were the ones who help induct the late George Harrison.
Besides the theme song, very few songs on the Muppet Show were actually written for the show. Most of the songs came from old comedy albums, vaudeville standards, and British music hall routines.



Johnny Unusual

Airwolf ascends and the Muppet Show gets another act.

The quarter finals are drawing to a close already with

Match 59
It's a superhero battle ROYAL.
@Daikaiju and @Bongo bring us the answer to the age old question!


Match 60
Then it's a spin-off classic vs. a mock-classic with Star Trek: the Next Generation vs. The Interdimensional ABK.
Via @Kirin @Torzelbaum


Johnny Unusual

Spider-Man spider stings Batman while Star Trek: The Next Generation Qs up for the next round.

Match 61
It's helicopters vs puppets but it might be a more even battle than you might expect.

Match 62
And then it's Spider-Man vs. The Enterprise in a battle we all kind of want to see.


We are nearing the end so ALL HANDS ON DECK

@Torzelbaum @Issun @Bongo @Violentvixen @Purple @Paul le Fou @Olli @Kirin @WildcatJF @Daikaiju @Exposition Owl @SpoonyBard @Falselogic @Rascally Badger @Alex