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PolyglotDome: Music from Everywhere

I would just like to point out that y'all voted an Oscar winning song out in the first round. SMH my head.


Summon for hire
Hey all, sorry for the long break, but we're back! Thanks for the replacement video link, @Torzelbaum. Psy and Hu win the long round handily.

This week, Du hast some Numa in Romanian and German from @Paul le Fou and @Purple


And in the other corner, Haec Qvoqve Est Aganju in Latin and Portuguese from @lincolnic and @Violentvixen




Du House


Summon for hire
QVOQVE runs away with it while Du narrowly beats Numa.
And that brings us to the Quarterfinal round!

Our round of 8 starts with 99 Sparkles as Nena in German faces Tatsuro Yamashita in Japanese


And then we have nonsense all year as Adriano Celentano in something he made up faces Mina in Italian


(@Paul le Fou @Lumber Baron @Johnny Unusual @Falselogic)