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  1. Bongo

    Post all Halloween music

    One song per post, please.
  2. Mightyblue

    Obscure Musical Rabbit Holes

    You know when you hear a random song on a streaming service or elsewhere that makes you go "What the hell, I've never heard that before! I need more!", only to find that for whatever reason the band's only got one or two songs up here or there and actually obtaining the albums yourself (legally)...
  3. Red Silvers

    Silvagunner: 7 Grand Dad, Woodman, Inspector Gadget, and such.

    I have no idea how to feel about this channel and I'm sure there's a lot I don't know, but SiIvaGunner brings me and my nephew SO MUCH enjoyment just listening to the stuff they do to familiar video game songs. And I have my favorites, but some of you probably do too, so let's share them! And...
  4. Albatoss

    The Mashup Thread

    Because sometimes two or more songs put together into one new song sounds really good and elevates or transforms the original material in ways that the original artists couldn't have imagined... and sometimes the same process is really funny and you just need a laugh. This thread is for both...
  5. Albatoss

    Your Favorite Album Art

    Just what the thread title says! Maybe the album cover connects with the music in a way that you like, or the inner gatefold sleeve of an old vinyl record doesn't get enough love, or maybe you just think a particular cover looks cool. As long as you like it, feel free to post it! Just keep...
  6. Albatoss

    Albatoss's Makeshift Jukebox

    Hello, new Talking Time! I'm Albatoss and I make music sometimes! Here is a sampling of the things I have written in the past year or so: Fields of Wind - A drone piece made (almost) entirely with the Mellotron flute. Shrine of the Sea God - The very first song I uploaded to my Soundcloud...