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  1. G

    PSA: PSN store is scaling back

    This story is going around a bunch of news sites, but I didn't see anything about it here. Reportedly, there's going to be an overhaul of the PSN web store on October 19 that removes games from pre-PS4 systems. After that, you can still buy and download PS3, PSP and Vita games directly from the...
  2. TE-Ryan

    Kratos & Son Lake Tours Co.: LttP Dad of Boy

    I've never really played any God of War games before (I quit halfway through the first because I found it real boring), but I've recently started up the newest one and maaaaaaaaan I am having a great time. I'm already what seems like most of the way through the story, so you're not going to get...
  3. ThornGhost

    Playstation 5 is (maybe) a real thing that is (maybe) happening

    I didn't see another PS5 thread, so here we go! Sony is now taking sign ups to be entered into a lottery to get a chance to pre-order a PS5 as long as supplies last. So that's something, if only barely. Apparently applicants will be chosen "based on previous interests and PlayStation...