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MiSTer: the thread of cycle accuracy


Red Plane
When I got my mister I made a daemonbite mega drive controller adapter with an arduino pro micro board. It was always a little dicky and I’ve since switched to a Bluetooth MD controller, so I thought I might repurpose the board and make a spinner. I don’t really need one, but all I’d need to buy was a cheap rotary encoder, the rest I had already, so why not?

In the process of trying to cram the components into the top-small case I already had, I managed to break the USB port off the pro micro. So now I’m buying another one of those, probably a bigger case too, and my cheap and quick why-not project has at least quadrupled in cost. And once I get it working I’ll probably play arkanoid for about five minutes and then leave it alone.


Twilight Rascal
Excited by how well Akumajou Dracula and Mad Stalker are running here:

I never expected the MiSTer to lay so many nagging "I wish I could own [x system]" longings to rest, but it's doing so at an alarming rate.

Edit: someone is working on a Raizing core, too! Batrider and Bakraid have never been ported, so this will be the closest most people will come to the real thing.
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