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Met's Animal Crossing Photo Dumping Grounds


You always have such great ideas and compositions. Always a pleasure to see what is happening on your island with these updates!


(He, him)
When I found out what counts as formal wear, I had a li'l fun.
They fit Simon way too well.
I got a Dalmatian recently.
Raymond is the kinda guy I could see doing mundane stuff if he came back from the dead.
I wish I could put up spooky prop houses and wear bats in New Horizons.


(He, him)
A few tweets from today's villager hunt.
I was looking for one of my dream jocks and the game threw four lazy bois at me right at the start.
Pretty sure he was a Wild World friend.
I did see her again but I wanted to try for three. Maybe another day, li'l Fa'Diel friend.
I had Freya and I currently have Vivian and Portia and I didn't want to say goodbye until I had the photo for one. Ironically I got Viv's photo later in the day.
May 12.
I also saw Tia again.
I did not go in intending to get a third normal, but Sylvana was way too good a villager for me to pass up and I could only tolerate/afford so many more scouting trips.

I missed having a squirrel in Adventure.


(He, him)
Seriously this game has some amazing house designs with what tools are available.
I'm not thrilled about Disney owning like 2/3rds of my childhood but it makes for the occasional fun shoot.
The eyes have it.
Saw like four of these published by Forever Entertainment.


(He, him)
Dragon Quest Tact is in early access now!

This game has many of your favorite monsters, like slime and dracky and golem...

...and ghost and lickspittle and obligatory gacha mascot critter...



As I was saying, Dragon Quest Tact has many of your favorite monsters and is in early access right now!


(He, him)
Rad power skirt suits were at Able Sisters the other day so I gave one to all my girls that didn't already own one by default. Portia got a steampunk outfit.
Because my animal friends recently gave me two more sheep costume variations. Only missing brown now.
There's only so much you can do with the available headgear and not being able to directly make your friends wear customs, but I think I did a pretty dang good Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot with what I had available.
I really like dressing up Margie like a daredevil.
Audie, Raymond, and Judy are all in Adventure and I am very happy and lucky to have them. Not gonna go after every new villager, but if Dom shows up at the campsite or a scouting trip...
Harvey (and Wilbur) were available for photo ops for a few weeks during the wedding event and then never again. I'd love 'em both back (and Orville, Flick, C.J., Daisy Mae, Wisp, and Lloid available for shoots at all in some capacity), but if I was to prioritize anybody it would be the guy who owns Photopia.


(He, him)
And some newer stuff!
Judy has basically become the first villager I queue up whenever I wanna do a F2P-themed shoot now.
Alena is best Dragon Quest protagonist.
How I wish this could've happened.
When I get a Switch Pro Controller this holiday season I am so using my Amiibo friends in more shoots.
First shoot with Kevin. Dood makes for a really good Garfield.
It's fun having floors and walls for both Heaven and HFIL.