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Met's Animal Crossing Photo Dumping Grounds


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Dragon Quest Tact is in early access now!

This game has many of your favorite monsters, like slime and dracky and golem...

...and ghost and lickspittle and obligatory gacha mascot critter...



As I was saying, Dragon Quest Tact has many of your favorite monsters and is in early access right now!
Dragon Quest Tact is officially out!

Well really it's been out for over a week now, but I just got around to making and posting the photo shoot.

This game has your favorite DraQueMons like teeny sanguini and mischievous mole and ghost and golem...

...and bewarewolf and more powerful recolor wolf and Original the Mascot™ (Do Not Steal)®...

(Judy moved away gimme a break)

...and...uh...I think...that's supposed to be Master Roshi? Maybe?

I'm sure he would wear the pirate or Santamen beard if he could.

No Master Roshi.

Anyway, Dragon Quest Tact! On your phone thingy!