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Hey, Talking Time, Whatcha Playin?


Red Plane
I moved on from Avalon Code and started Generation of Chaos for PSP. This one doesn’t have a good reputation, and in fact after a few hours with it I’ve put it back on the shelf, but it’s kind of interesting. It’s a strategy game where you control one of ten nations and set out to conquer the rest of them. You do this by moving commander units around a board game-ish map, taking control of and improving territory, and fighting when you encounter enemy commanders. The fights are real-time with up to sixty units between the sides, though this is one commander each and 29 much weaker grunts, most of whom tend to die in each battle but are readily replaced through recruitment if you’re in a city. I know the usual strategy/tactical RPG abstraction of having an army consist of six individuals or whatever is ridiculous but I kind of prefer it to having a horde of expendable nobodies die in each fight. Also, these sixty person fights are slow. Occasionally I was able to fire off a super move at the start of one, wipe out everyone except the enemy commander, and have my 29 soldiers gang up on and destroy them, which was pretty good, but otherwise it’s slow attrition.

Actually everything is slow. The world map is turn based, and it takes forever to move around it. Upgrading a town takes multiple turns. You can only move a few units each turn. And everything is complicated. You have tonnes of units, they have heaps of stats, the towns all have stats, there are a million menus, most of the menu options are reduced to three letters so you have to press select to see the info box if you don’t remember what “PRS” means (it’s prisoners, and it lets you see enemies who you’ve beaten and captured, allowing you to release, execute, or attempt to recruit them - I was delayed in trying to recruit because when you choose that menu option and decide which of your units to have attempt to win them over, the menu option to confirm your selection is “execute”, a strange choice given capital punishment is also an option).

I get the feeling if I knew this game inside out I could have a really good time with it, but I don’t and I don’t think I’d enjoy the effort required to get there. My PSP’s analogue stick drifting like crazy doesn’t help matters, either.

Pajaro Pete

I'm still early on in The Ogre Battle SaGa: Final Fantasy 12-3: The Last Remnant Remastered but so far I'm enjoying it. It's a mess of a game and you can really feel how they were struggling with the transition to HD development but at the same time it's fascinating that this, with all its obtuse systems, was somehow the first HD game they released and also was something that was supposed to be the cornerstone of their global strategy.

It's hard to believe this didn't start life as an FF12 sequel or something else Ivalice-adjacent, the noticeable thing is just, like, the look of the game, and even going beyond that the four main races correlate almost directly to Humes/Viera/Seeq/Bangaa.

I don't like the main character, his outfit stupid and I feel like his character could have worked if they had played him up as being a disrespectful little shit instead of that just being a character trait that pops up like twice and is never mentioned again. I imagine in the JP version he's just really informal.


I played a randomized seed of Majoras Mask. Well, not for too long, I guess there are some singular spots, that I don't know about, but I just didn't find stuff like the bow, hookshot, Goron and Zora mask or the bomb bag. Or even just a bottle or the magic meter. What I got, though, was the Fairy Sword, in one of the shops for 30 bucks.

That wouldn't have been the problem, just running around and seeing what took the place of what is pretty fun, and I'm sure I will try another seed, just to see what I can find. But I just can't play a game that way, it seems. It feels like I'm going through the motions, or something. Like, in the end, it doesn't REALLY feel different, from playing MM the regular way. I still do all the stuff that I do anyway, just out of order. Dunno, maybe if I could get to Ikana before the other places, or something, but the way it worked didn't make it feel fresh and new, like people describe randomizers. It's a shame, because MM, and also OoT, would be the two games that I know well enough (for the most part), that I could imagine making it through a randomized version. Dunno, maybe if I get an easier seed, it will work out better, I'll definitely try again.

Johnny Unusual

Super Castlevania IV

Definitely easier than Castlevania III and a lot of fun. I like Simon's new tricks, though I miss being able to switch to Alucard, but it's nice that I'm not beating my head on the wall over a ton of stuff.