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Gripe about What You're Playing 2: Bellyache-tric Boogaloo


Don't remember their being an increase in violence toward animals over something like Odyssey or Origins but the violence against humans is definitely more visceral. But the reason I stopped playing Valhalla was because it was a.) boring and b.) the idea of the protag being in the aggressor group seemed to be counter to the entire series. I know AC has never been super historically accurate but the idea of Vikings just wanting to be buddies, really we do, just let us take over, was a bridge too far. Maybe that changes over the course of the game but after 25 hours in, I bailed. That's more than enough time to spend with a game to know if it doesn't work for you.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Eh, I ended up watching several cutscenes last night, thinking I could watch things coming up to at least have some guidance. And there's a disturbing amount of violence against animals in this game. I really don't like it! I really don't remember the previous games being this brutal to animals or humans although it's definitely been increasing since the Ezio series. And yes, Vikings and that time in human history were brutal so this accurate but ugh. Not what I want. So oh well, purpose served by renting I suppose.
I really wish the Discovery Tours were available as a stand-alone option on consoles, too. I have no interest in the Animus nonsense and the never-ending Ass v. Temp stuff, and I bounced right off of the Ubi cycle of games, and AAA M-rated violence is often too much for me...But running around sandboxes as you wish without stabbing everything and learning shit in the process? I want more of that!

I'm in no rush to pick up Valhalla (Even if UbiSoft wasn't shitty money is tight at the moment and I prioritize Switch stuff when I buy games), but once the Discovery Tour is patched in odds are good I'll eventually pick it up on one of the many sales.
I think at this point the Ezio trilogy was practically a different series. I'm a fan of those games but not AC as a whole, and for all the reasons noted I'm not going to buy Ubisoft stuff anytime soon.

I'm sure at some point Ezio killed a pigeon or something and horses definitely died offscreen, but Connor was the first time I really remember being offput by the violence.
I haven't played Hyper Light Drifter in a while so I gave it a whirl. I thought this game was pretty frustrating the first time I played it, and was immediately struck by how inflexible the player character is at the start of the game.

Action games are tricky regarding abilities. Sometimes it feels like you get a power solely because it's the gimmick in an area and thus the powers don't feel particularly special. But in Hyper Light Drifter's case, the various sword and dash abilities all feel like something you should perhaps start with- they're never NOT useful, and it takes a while to get the ball rolling. Most of them feel like tremendous boons once obtained. It's like the first Megaman X game, but every power is the frickin dash boots.


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I'm enjoying Griftlands so much as a narrative experience that each play feels like my own personal canonical play-through, which means that I can't bring myself to play each character more than once and see all of the cool alternate random events and build variety.


Let's 90s gaming
I forgot to save Fritz. This playthrough of Chrono Trigger is tainted now, but I'm already at Denadoro Mountains, so what can ya do?


Guacamelee 2: I like the precision platforming + Metroidvania parts of this series a lot, but my brain is just not built for memorizing and executing fighting game combos, and it feels like this sequel cranks up that element a lot compared with the original.
For all the hype surrounding it, Skatebirds isn't a very good game. It's unpolished and janky... camera angles are a mess, and your character will often get stuck between partitions or face the opposite direction of where you need him to go or wipe out immediately after he wiped out the first time. The game can't decide if it wants to be a spiritual revival of Tony Hawk (and it doesn't do that very well) or forge its own path (and it doesn't do that very well, either). What it immediately makes you decide is to play one of the good Tony Hawk games instead.


Guacamelee 2: I like the precision platforming + Metroidvania parts of this series a lot, but my brain is just not built for memorizing and executing fighting game combos, and it feels like this sequel cranks up that element a lot compared with the original.
Turns out I just shouldn't be playing it on the Switch undocked. The controls aren't really optimized for the button layout, and the view is super zoomed out. I'm having a much better go at it on the big screen with a Pro controller. I love that the primary gameplay upgrade this time around is that you get to really wreck shit as the chicken.