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Summon for hire
Did you know we have profile *banners* over here? I didn't until I happened to hover over WildcatJF's avatar recently and the pop-up had a wild background. Set it from your profile page. I might pick something else later, for now I just put on the VF-1S I've been using for ages over on the twitters.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
I did not know that. Now I might have to find something to use for mine.

Now I don't know if this belongs here or not but something I noticed recently was that someone mentioned me (by using @) in a post but I didn't receive an alert.​

I did not receive the alert because I did not have the setting enabled in my Prefernces.

(This preference setting is under/at:​

Receive a notification when someone…​

Mentions you in a message)

Is this preference on by default and if not then should it be?



Summon for hire
So Chrome does this thing where it blocks "insecure" content from loading as part of a "secure" web page by default. TT counts as a secure site because everything is run on https, so in practice, this means that if anyone tries to embed images from any site *not* running https, they just silently don't show up (annoyingly it doesn't even give you a broken picture icon, so you only figure out you're even missing something by context, or if a whole post is blank, or if you quote it and turn off BBCode to see the URLs).

Anyway today I got sick of it and went looking for a workaround. Now, I"m on an older PC that has a not up-to-the-minute copy of Chrome so it's possible the exact location may vary, but I found that in Chrome Settings, I can go to the "Privacy and Security" category, then "Site Settings" sub category, then down at the bottom expand "Additional content settings" then go into "Insecure Content" and then under "Allow" add talking-time.net *...whew that was buried...* it just works.

One side effect you'll notice is that on any TT page where an insecure image is now loaded, the lock icon by the URL bar will chage to say "Not Secure". I don't think this has any actual implications for site security as it's not like it's transmitting credentials or anything to fetch a static 3rd-party image, and obviously not all browsers were doing this anyway as some people were already seeing the images in question.