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Evangelion 3.0+1.0 - Cruel angel's premiere


Gravity is overrated.
Is there any plans to release the last installment on Blu Ray anytime soon? Outside of Japan, that is. I have the first three and want to finish the collection.
Are there plans? Almost definitely. Will it be soon? Probably not. The pipeline to domestic BD releases is usually very long. Like, over a year in most cases.


Gravity is overrated.
Didn't know that at all. Tells me I didn't miss some kind of preorder or anything! Thank you.
I don't know the reason for why it takes so long. I assume it's a combo of taking a long time to figure out the distribution rights, the cottage size nature of the anime market, or just giving the domestic Japanese market a comfortable exclusivity window for their own releases, since Japanese fans have increasingly taken to importing American anime BDs on account of them being astronomically cheaper for us than them. But it's pretty standard for there to be 1 or 2 year delay between things coming out in Japan and things coming out elsewhere when it comes to BDs.
Just went and rewatched the first three rebuild movies again. I felt like my memory of their main themes held up pretty well and didn’t change much about my original evaluation of 3+1 besides just finding myself generally appreciating what 3+1 pulled off even more, and appreciating the fullness of the entire Rebuild series. Very good stuff.


Husband and I made our way through these at the rate of about one a week. I’m really glad I waited, because I do not know how y’all sat with 3.33 for over a decade. I loved that one but oooof was it bleak.

Anyway, we liked all of them! End of Eva will always be my favorite, but as a franchise that’s all about the cycles of depression it needed another go at a more hopeful ending. I do think EoE is ultimately a hopeful film, though about humanity in general, not the particular characters it was following.
Episodes 25 & 26, EoE, and 3+1 all have the same hopeful message at their core. But EoE's delivery of that message is fundamentally unconvincing. EoE reads like someone who has just completely hit rock bottom. They know what to do to get out of their rut, and they want to get better, but they're just still in the thick of it and still going through the worst moments of their life. And the 'hopeful message' feels more like someone desperately telling themselves platitudes to keep themselves together but they aren't fully convinced in the value of said platitudes. And that message gets lost among the intense wallowing they're still in the middle of.

3+1 on the other hand, feels like it was crafted by someone well after having been on the road of recovery. Of someone who has moved on in their life. Things have gotten better, they know for certainty that things do get better because they're living it, and they've got the strength to tell others in a convincing manner, after having had plenty of time to think about how to say it. It's a much more focused and believable message this time around, and a generally very fulfilling ending to go out on.