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Elemental Music Domes -- Nomination Thread!


Sir Knightbot
Earth - Energen Crystal Mine (Crystal Snail Stage) (Mega Man X2) by Yuki Iwai
Wind - The Crosswise Crosswinds (Shovel Knight: King of Cards) by Jake Kaufman
Fire - Lava Reef Zone Act 1 (Sonic Mania) arranged by Tee Lopes
Water - The Sea Has Returned (ZeroRanger) by Eero "eebrozgi" Lahtinen

"The Sea Has Returned" is maybe a stretch. It's a Raiden-style "over the ocean" stage that eventually follows a space elevator into orbit. Might swap it out. But it's sooooo good.

I was halfway tempted to just nominate the four lighthouse themes from Golden Sun, heh.
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I am so glad to see almost all of my runners-up showing up on other people's nominations! This was a hard one (especially Wind for me).


Little Waves
Staff member
Before settling on my choices, I had 19 ideas for Wind, 17 for Water, 13 for Earth, and just 10 for Fire. There are countless locations with fire theming in games, but it feels like there are relatively few tracks that truly sound fiery.


Fighting Game Enthusiast
Wind: Theme of Rashid - Street Fighter V (His fighting style incorporates the Wind, and big ups to them using Drum & Bass!)

Water: Kitsch - Tekken 4 (It's the music for the Beach stage. Catchy as fuck.)

Fire: New Order - The King of Fighters XI (Kyo's team. He uses Kusanagi style Flame based martial Arts. Iori is cursed with the Purple flame of the Orochi. Shingo aspires to so much as summon a spark, if not an entire flame.)

Earth: Temperance & Vengeance - Killer Instinct (Maya's theme. She fights in the Jungle, and it's really a new version of her original theme from KI2, which was also for a Jungle stage.)


AO Tennis no Kiseki
Water: Sonic 06 - Wave Ocean -The Waters Edge- - Opening beach stage, fantastic track through and through.
Wind: Sonic 06 - Kingdom Valley - Stage focuses heavily on using the wind in a platforming setting, including having the first part of the track labeled as "Wind". You even ride through the wind!
Fire: Sonic 06 - Flame Core - Volcano - Perfect fire track, and it honestly just has killer bass work. It's set in a volcano, what more can you ask for?
Earth: Sonic 06 - Tropical Jungle (The Jungle ~ The Swamp) - Are you beginning to notice a theme here?


definitely not a robot
Nominations are officially closed now, as of this post.

Assuming my counting is correct, it looks like we have a perfect set of 32 nominations per element. Excellent job folks!

I'll get the thread up and running by Friday. Please look forward to it.


definitely not a robot
Thank you for noticing that conflict! I somehow missed that. I'll swap your new nom in right now.

btw, @Falselogic and @Torzelbaum still need to resolve their nomination collision (they both submitted Lava Dome) before we start the fire dome.