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Elemental Music Domes (Currently: Thank You, We're Done)


definitely not a robot
~whoooo wooonnnnn???~

Give me a second!

W H O W O N ?

I said give me a second!

Yeah Mr. RT guy, who won?

Patience! I'm counting the votes right now!

Take as long as you need, my good sir.

*sighs* Thank you.


*sweating profusely, double and triple checks the results*



We have a problem here.

? ? ?
Waddaya mean we got a problem?
Oh no! Could it be...?

Suddenly, a mysterious voice is heard.

"Well would you look at that! A four way tie! That's just what I needed."


"You brought four of the elements together, but forgot the fifth one."


"That four-way tie was such a perfect example of unison that it generated an intense shockwave of Heart Energy like I had never seen before!"

...is that a bad thing?

"No! With all five powers combined, that was enough to finally summon me!"

F-f-forgive me, master!

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Anyhow, I'm starving. Who's up for some of my world famous vegetarian burgers?

Oh! Oh! Can I have a seaweed one?

Flame-broiled, please.


~sorry... i photosynthesssize~

*the Elemental Lords and Captain Planet enjoy a cozy, environmentally-friendly barbecue at the nearest public park*



definitely not a robot
Anyhow, to break kayfabe for a second, I'm torn on whether to hold a tiebreaker or if a four-way tie is the perfect ending to this whole thing.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Final Fantasy taught us not to disturb the balance of the four elements so I think we should leave things as they are, slowly back out of the room, then gently close and seal the entrance.

Johnny Unusual

Seems good. Plus, that means four more entries that can't be repeated in future domes! But in the name of interest, my #1 pick would have been Wild ARMS.


definitely not a robot
Thanks for all the thanks! This was a lot of fun to put on, even though I was feeling a bit tired by the end. At the very least, I got some newfound respect for anyone who manages to run one of these things.

Best of luck to whoever runs the next dome!


Just want to add my voice to the chorus praising RT. This is was truly a daunting undertaking and you did fabulously! Thank you!


Infamous third lava dolphin
Oh man, I came SO CLOSE to voting water/fire and only changed it to earth/fire at the last second...when I followed my heart. Incredible.


Sir Knightbot
I really enjoyed all of the game characters who stopped by to help run this one, too. Especially the big green robot with the grabby claws.