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Elemental Music Domes (Currently: Thank You, We're Done)


definitely not a robot
The sun over the Gerudo Valley will be the burning heat that heads to the semifinals.

Speaking of which, the semifinals begin today. Ready yourselves!


Denn brings us the CORE from Undertale. In a previous round I compared the CORE to the Undersea Palace, but my lawyers advised to make it clear that (unlike the Undersea Palace) I do not think that the CORE is an evil power plant. Please understand.

Anyhow, MCBanjoMike takes us again to Snif City from Paper Mario The Origami King. I'm not sure what in the world they sniff in that city that makes it worth that moniker (fan wikis don't appear to have a clear answer), but it's a swell track at least.

You have two days to vote, but I implore you to do it now before the chance fades away!

(Voting closes tomorrow at 6:00 PM PST (GMT-8) March 6.)

Fire Bracket


definitely not a robot
Undertale advances to the finals, though Paper Mario still made a respectable showing.

Let's finish up the semifinals!


Torzelbaum brings us Fire! from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the arcade. In spite of the silliness of that name, this exact song won one of your music contests several years ago if my sources are to be trusted. Will it be able to repeat that feat once again?

Meanwhile Violentvixen brings us an arrangement of Gerudo Valley made for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Again, that name sounds quite silly to my ears, but the song itself is nevertheless exquisite. Either way, I look forward to the results of this match.

You have about 48 hours to get your votes in!

(Voting closes tomorrow at 7 PM PST (GMT-8) March 8.)

Fire Bracket


Infamous third lava dolphin

I just saw that Snif City lost to CORE which, honestly, I can kind of get behind. Still, that was a pretty great showing, Snif!