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Digital Down-Low for 08/04/2023: All Creatures Great and Small

Octopus Prime

It’s a tense race to the finish to see if I can write this entire post before my dog needs to go out for a walk.

So kicking things off with a surprise release from last week (which was aready a week dense with The Spice), we have an NSO update; for the Gameboy Color, and it was a doozy, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons I don’t want to relitigate which one is better (for my money; it’s Seasons), but both are some upper-shelf Zeldos, and among the best portable entries in the series.

Visit scenic Labyrnna/Holodrum and do some puzzle-dungeon navigating nonsense to save it from the forces of darkness. Then do it again in whichever one you didn’t save the first time; and the plot is slightly different depending on which order you play them in and also progressing in a side quest in one game unlocks different side quests in the other game and *MAN*, these are some rad-ass video games.


(For the record, this is where I had to walk my dog)
A video game which I do not suspect I would describe as “Rad-Ass”, as that’s not the vibe it’s going for, is Venbu, an emotions ’em-up cooking simulator all about an Indian family immigrating to Canada and saying “Hey! Let’s cook food And therefor obliquely explain our family and cultural heritage”.

It’s… definitely not an Octo game (chances are reasonably strong that you do not battle a skeleton-boss at any point), but I’m sure it has a potential audience that’s gonna love it.


Speaking of games that invoke emotions, just… like… the exact opposite ones, we have Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, an action RPG where there’s a bunch of no good *vampers* running around Japan making a nuisance of themselves and you solve that problem with Anime Martial Arts that explodes off their clothing so that the sun can incinerate them.



Speaking of beating the absolute hell out of monsters, albeit less hornily (I mean, no judgements) we have GIGABASH, a Kaiju fighting game where you establish your bonfires as King of the Monsters in the only avenue that really matters to votes; beating ass. It looks pretty similar to Override or War of the Monsters, or King of the Monsters, like I said, or the Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters games. And it really should, so I have no complaints with that.

Take a monster and use it to beat the HELL out of other comparable huge monsters.


Now, if you want monster-on-monster violence, but wish that the scale was a bit smaller, there’s Adore. And with a name like that you’d think *for all the world* that it’s a walking-based sads-em-up that’s a meditation on grief and loss. But NOPE; twin stick Pokemon-style action game.

Bet you learned an important lesson about snap judgments, huh?

You’re a wizard guy who’s got a good handle on the Summon Monster spell and precious little else, and a hankerin’ to DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.

Kind of get some Bayonetta Origins vibes off it, albeit without the same sense of panache. Not that “Less Panache than Bayonetta” is anything to sneeze at.


And finally, on the subject of l’il monster whackin, we’ve got the littlest Chris Hemsworth of all in Tiny Thor. It’s a (really damn nice looking) 2D platformer where you’re the Odinson himself, complete with bouncy-hammer, and you’ve got between two and three dozen levels worth of PLATFORMIN’ to use your bouncy hammer to navigate.

One of the Bullet points is “Enjoy the story of a boy taking responsibility”



Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
For the first time in the longest time here are some new games! Done with cartoon animal game photos!

Running Fable is an online multiplayer racing game with crossplay where a bunch of tortoises and hares race each other after setting up traps all over the map to prove who can be the very best (at cheating to win a race).

Legend Bowl is a good ol' American gridiron style football game in the vein of stuff like Tecmo Bowl. I wish them the best of luck in a sports game market where the audience largely only seems to care about the annual roster update.

Organ Trail: Complete Edition is finally on Nintendo Switch this week! Finally, play everybody's second favorite zombie road trip simulation game on the go! On a portable that is not the Steam Deck or your phone.

Pups & Purrs Pet Shop is a pet shop simulator where you care for cats and dogs while trying to get them a new home.

Cinderella: Interactive Book is a storybook app and another friendly reminder that Disney did not invent Cinderella no matter how much more visible their version is and that other people wanna make money off these fairy tales.

And finally, Xbox consoles get Stray this week. Help a poor lost kitty traverse their way through a futuristic take on Kowloon.