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digital downloads

  1. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 10/06/2023: A War, Advanced

    Kids today don't appreciate what Real Music even is! Breaking into a highly secure bankvault with a controlled demolition charge and leaving with millions of dollars worth of bearer bonds this week is Silent Hope, an action RPG that informs us that "One day, a terrible calamity struck a...
  2. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 09/29/2023: Planting Bullets and Planting Seeds

    The weather report today is "Everything outside my house kind of smells like farts", so let's talk about video games instead! We're kicking things off with no fewer than three different flavours of Starman Farm Game this week; Paleo Pines is one where you have t-rexes instead of cows, Harvest...
  3. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 09/21/2023: Good bye, Gloomy Doomsday

    I don't know if Super Mario knows his times tables, you know? I just don't know. So kicking off with a SECRET SURPRISE release from last week, and it was a much appreciated *doozy*; the latest in Nintendo adapting one of its old games to Battle Royale format; F-Zero 99. Because the one thing...
  4. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 09/15/2023: KOMBORTAL MORTBAT!

    The fact that it doesn't doesn't have one of those disclaimers that its a work of fiction and any similarities to any people places etc is a coincidence must mean that Pac-Man really happened. Well I skipped last week, since the release list was kind of thin, and so, we're starting by playing...
  5. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 09/02/2023: Prepare your body for ASTRO TERROR!

    Personally, I don't think you're going to find a better example of a way to illuminate a room than a lightbulb. Candles? You're on notice. Starting off with a break from tradition as I generally just cover what's in the eShop, but this week has Starfield, a video game known for having a Very...
  6. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 08/25/2023: No Gods, No Kings, But, like... a dozen Divine Empresses

    Hey, do the other stooges even *like* Moe? Why did they hang out with him? Normally I stick with eShop releases for raw convenience sake (there's a lot of overlap regardless), but I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't mention what is arguably the biggest release of the week; one with...
  7. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 08/18/2023: Jet Grindcore Mindset

    Rev up your game-paddles! These Videos will send you to the NEXT LEVEL! So I opted to not make a thread last week since it looked like a pretty thin week, and that wound up biting me in the hinder since there was a bunch of secret releases and this week was already pretty dense; so let's kick...
  8. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 08/04/2023: All Creatures Great and Small

    It’s a tense race to the finish to see if I can write this entire post before my dog needs to go out for a walk. So kicking things off with a surprise release from last week (which was aready a week dense with The Spice), we have an NSO update; for the Gameboy Color, and it was a doozy, The...
  9. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/28/2023: Three Pulverizations Before Breakfast

    Hey, how long do you think you have to emulsify a lightbulb before you can drink it? Asking for a friend. Need an answer immediately. Performing an really impressive standing backflip in the middle of the sidewalk this week is the latest from ZeBoyd games; This Way Madness Lies; which FINALLY...
  10. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/21/2023: War in a Pocket

    Any way you slice it, this is the longest I’ve ever had to go without having to do long division, and I don’t mind that one bit. Jumping forward with a heavy kick, followed by a light-punch combo into a Hadoukens this week is LISA: Definitive Edition! It’s a collection of both Lisa the Painful...
  11. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/13/2023: Got 99 Problems, and Witches are Some

    All but one of this weeks video games are based on a true story. Bet you'll be surprised which! Descending to the earth from a meteor of UNKNOWN ORIGIN this week is Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, which is not only a sequel to Oxenfree (as helpfully indicated by the roman numeral 2 in the title)...
  12. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/08/2023: Pixels, or it didn't happen

    Happy ID4 to all you Yankees out there; may all of you be welcomed to Earth. Standing near the chip bowl and double-dipping *constantly* this week is Gimmick! And while that exclamation mark is part of the title, it also represents my enthusiasm! This was a ne'er before released (or at least...
  13. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 07/01/2023: Surrealist Obituaries

    Another week goes by without anyone even *thinking* about announcing a new season of Samurai Pizza Cats. You dare call this a society?!? Standing at a cross-light intersection wearing silver bodypaint and not moving this week are two games I neglected to mention LAST week; in one case because I...
  14. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 06/23/2023: Space Sectors and Great Hectors

    I hope I'm not saying anything controversial here; but I believe I would be capable of jumping over the skeletons of most US presidents. Barging into town to con the citizens out of most of their money by establishing a fake marching band school this week is Dordogne, which actually came out...
  15. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 06/09/23: They see me rollin'. They lovin'.

    I think we can all agree that Jell-o is a Hard Soup I'll be honest, I thought this weeks update would have been thin enough to not warrant the effort of making a thread, but then we got a surprise NSO update that put it past that threshold; thank heavens. AND CORRESPONDINGLY; that NSO update...
  16. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 06/02/2023: Even on the Television; F.O.E.!

    Emotionally, I don't think I could ever bounce back from someone calling me a "silly goose" Starting off with a SNEAKY SECRET release last week, and one that was kind of buried down the list of New Releases, crowded out by the requisitite bundles of RedDeer Games releases like bundles of Fake...
  17. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 05/26/2023: BAT BOY FOUND IN CAVE -or- Now THAT’S What I Call Monster Raising RPGs

    I don’t know what the most delicious cryptid is but… probably not Mothman, right? Can’t imagine it’s Mothman. Rampaging its way through New York and kidnapping Fay Raye this week is another update to the NSO Expansion Pass, and it’s a weird case where every game in the update is very good, but...
  18. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 05/12/2023: I'm Breathing as Wildly as I Can

    You know, without the shark, Jaws would be a pretty boring movie. Crashing through the sky, with a fearful cry this week is Dokapon Kingdom! A remake of the original Dokapon Kingdom which apparently came out on the Wii? I don't remember it existing, but I *definitely* heard the name before...
  19. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 04/28/2023: Such A Variety of Troids

    The crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd; yes the Boys of Summer are back again; it's Baseball Season. Let's celebrate those Warlocks of Whack by talking all about video games, two of which, charitably, could be described as "kind of sports". Accidentally walking right into a spider-web...
  20. Octopus Prime

    Digital Down-Low for 04/21/2023: If it’s “Final” why are there 6 remasters?

    Folks… this might be the single most wallet-damaging DDL thread I’ve ever posted. Except maybe the one when the Switch itself was launched. Might want to consider robbing some stage coaches or starting an illegal casino to earn some extra scratch. Throwing fistfuls of live ants into your back...