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Digital Down-Low for 06/09/23: They see me rollin'. They lovin'.

Octopus Prime

I think we can all agree that Jell-o is a Hard Soup

I'll be honest, I thought this weeks update would have been thin enough to not warrant the effort of making a thread, but then we got a surprise NSO update that put it past that threshold; thank heavens. AND CORRESPONDINGLY; that NSO update has no fewer than 4 things and all of them make me go "Oh... hey!". And none get a more enthusiastic "Oh!" and "HEY!" than Kirby Tilt n Tumble, (an infamously difficult to emulate obstacle course-navigating Kirby game that uses the Switchs motion controls to emulate the original Tilt'n Tumbles original gyroscopic cartridge) Harvest Moon (progenitor of the Pretend to Do Chores genre), Blaster Master Enemy Below (the GBC remix of Blaster Master with a completely rebuilt world map and bosses), and Mystery Tower (an early Famicom puzzlatformer that looks kinda like Solomons Key)


Loop 8 is a Groundhogs Days-em-up where you're stuck in Rural 1980s Japan one month before a monsterpocalypse, and have to JRPG your way into peoples hearts to try to figure out how, exactly you can re-jigger the flow of time so that not *everybody* gets monstered up and gobbled to pieces.


We ❤️ Katamari Reroll: Royal Reverie was a surprise release last week, and was buried deep enough in the New Release window that I had to poke around a bit to notice it was released at all! Way to go, Namco; your marketing department is worth their weight in gold. It's a remake of the second Katamari Damacy game, which was arguably the best of the lot. Though, of course, KD is one of those series where there's not a *lot* of variety between entries so "best" and "worst" is kind of relative.

Regardless; you have to make Big Wads of Litter because Your Giant Space Dad wants to be Famous. This version has new levels where you play as your Space Dad and try to impress *his* Giant Space Dad. The cycle never ends.


And speaking of never-ending cycles of abuse, we also have Bleak Sword DX, a gussied up port of an Apple Arcade game that now can use buttons, AS G*SH INTENDED. You're a l'il stick guy in a low fi diorama world populated by Ghastly Ghouls from Every Tomb who are closing in to seal your doom. It's chock-a-block with all kinds of dodge-rolls and parries and the kind of stuff you might reasonably expect from a game that brags of "souls-like combat".

The eShop description does not uses that phrase, but you can tell that's what sort of game it is.


And finally there's Mask of the Rose, a spinoff of the Fallen London universe where, instead of being a swashbuckling sea Zee Captain, you're a love-lorn fool looking for romance in all the wrong places. And since this is Fallen London, there are no alternatives to "The wrong places", furthermore, you're also trying to solve the murder of someone who is presently alive, so that's definitely the kind of thing that throws your weekend plans into disarray.

The Industrial Revolution just got *Steamier*