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can stop, will stop



Let me rock you Chaugnar Faugn
To make things more complicated, after I posted about it, I realized that I was one day too late. Bird Day was yesterday. The plot thickens.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)
But what about Laser Cock?


  • Okay... for the longest time, it was thought by the English-speaking fandom that his name was, ahem, "Laser Cock". Let's get those giggles out now, shall we? We'll wait.
  • Done? No?
  • Okay. Now. So, yeah. "Cock", of course, being another word for a male chicken. Examining the actual katakana for his name, "レーザークック" ...
    • "レーザー" (rēzā) can be either "laser" or "razor", and given the oftentimes... loose use of English for Beastformer names (Big Serow not being a serow, for example, or all the non-saber "Saber" weapons), it frankly can go either way and is not worth arguing over.
    • More importantly, "クック" (kukku) is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the clucking sound a chicken makes. (If it was actually supposed to be "cock" it would be written as コック kokku.) And since we do not change Japanese-word names on this wiki (like the Trainbots), we're sticking with the onomatopoeia.
  • Sorry.