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Best Game Music Forever Thunderdome Remastered: Remake


Little Waves
Staff member
great digital underground sample
You can hear behind me now
You you you can hear behind me
You can hear behind me now

You can hear behind me now
You can hear behind me now
That's, uh
I think they're called Blue Death!


Could be a fren
Dragon and Steam Gardens move on. Bracket

Going old school with the first matchup, as The End of the Millennium, the title theme for Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium, chosen by Becksworth faces off against Stage 1 from Batman for the NES, chosen by Falselogic.

It's RPG against RPG for match 2, as the Battle theme from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, chosen by MJG goes up against Apex of the World (Rain) from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, chosen by Juno.

Voting closes at 4:30 PM PST tomorrow.