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Awesome Fan Art


Find Your Reason
...I think that fanart just made me a fan of the Touhous. I am ESPECIALLY fond of the Veracruz, Quetzalcoatl, and Day of the Dead ones, but now I'm wondering if the bottom center one is wearing the official shield of Mexico City on the front.


Rated Ages 6+
(He, Him)


something something robble
I shared a number of these on the old forum in the previous incarnation of this thread, but it is good to mark the occasion once more: a selection of Touhou-themed fan art by mefomefo, who's shared their Mexican heritage, traditions and culture via said art for years now. Long may they continue.

These are too wonderful to allow to languish at the bottom of a page


Find Your Reason
A bunch of major Rumiko Takahashi fans/artists opened their comms recently, so, I commissioned a bunch of Ranma fanarts from them :p This is the second one I received, by artist https://twitter.com/la_mare69

LOVE the different kinds of cherry blossom motifs in both the kimono and the blouse. I didn't even give any direction or have any requests for this one beyond "Ranma and Akane having fun" and I really liked where the artist went with it :)

Exposition Owl

could use a space fortress
...I'm now wondering whether the X Parasite and the Maverick Virus merged in this alternate universe.

Quite possibly! When I look at that fanart, I see Samus merged with Biometal Model S (or possibly Model C).


Find Your Reason
...isn't that the same shade as James's hair.

*🤔🤔🤔s both Jesse and James's lines*


Summon for hire
Yeah, I retweet them periodically on the off chance that someone who follows me isn't following them yet for some reason...