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Armored Core VI Announced, but will it have Patches?!

I've been a fan of the series since I got the PSP ports of 3 on impulse, worked backwards, then back forwards again and I'm pretty happy with AC6 but wish I had more time to sink into it before my controller went on the fritz and I got a little sidetracked. It kind of feels like they kind of picked and chose elements from throughout the series and worked them together into something solid. Took me a long time to break the train of thought I *had* to stagger everything for it to 'count' which was getting me way too tilted early on. (Hell, I think it wasn't until the Ibis fight before I went "I'm actually damaging this thing pretty steadily even without setting off the big flashy notification")

Hoping they do a For Answer/Verdict Day type follow up of some kind even if it might be tough to do like, story wise, but the engine seems fun enough to play with I'd like to see more. I guess these days it's probably more likely to get Scholar'd into a new expansion/edition, yeah?
Tough to tell, dlc is always an easier sell than just the same game you already bought but more which is how a lot of people see that type of thing even when it isn't. I would definitely prefer it cuz idk how much stuff could or would carry forward into it. Back with 4 and 4A only emblems could.

More than anything I want more parts, more story would be cool too but lemme cobble together knockoffs of all the old ac designs