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Animal Crossing General: New Horizons in our New Horizon!

Yeah, I'm fine with duping, especially in this case as collaborations with a single giant retailer are inherently gross, but want to pass this along:

I went to Target for something else but talked to the employee in that department. He confirmed they're online-only ("we're not even allowed to ring them up at our register"), but that they keep refreshing availability. So I asked him if he even had any left and he said "I can't tell you that... but I would keep trying".

I guess it's an attempt to combat scalpers by only releasing multiple batches throughout the day? That just seems like it makes it easier for bots to get it due to how unpredictable it is?
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Also no luck here, had them in the cart in the Target app and tried to check out with pickup at the two closest stores; alternating between them each time I got kicked back to the cart.

As a long shot I swung by the closest one during my lunch break, just on the off chance they had held some back for in store purchases; ended up talking with associate running the electronics area for a bit.

He indicated they sold out of their allocation pretty much immediately at 8AM and they were all sold as online orders for instore pickup. Apparently a sizable group of people came by right at 8 asking about the cards but he had to turn them all away.

He said the best bet might be to check tomorrow. He thought they would only be holding orders for this item *today* and anything that wasn't picked by the end of the day would become available when their inventory system updated. He wasn't sure on the time on that though, he thought it might be midnight, or maybe 6AM, no idea on the time-zones on that either :|

I do question the only available for pick up today, as I recently picked up a Switch game on a Friday and double checking the email I got when it was ready for pickup said I had until the end of the day the following Monday to pick it up, and could even extend the pick up window if I wanted.

I guess check tomorrow... and Tuesday? I'll probably be up at midnight both days... can't say I'll be up at 6AM though.


I got them! Nintendo New York had piles and piles, which to me means either Target is doing a phased rollout, or Nintendo is just hoarding them all in a single store in NYC. Either seems just as likely. Sometimes I hate how much I like Nintendo.

I'm not sure yet if I'd be up for a mailing chain given the complications of people getting what they need out of the cards, but I do want to make sure everyone can get the furniture they want. Ideally I'd be able to find a second set and we could just keep it in orbit forever and ever~
Villagers, though...The Sanrio Six cannot be adopted when they move out.
This is really disappointing and honestly kind of cruel.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
This is really disappointing and honestly kind of cruel.
The same was true in New Leaf, where it applied to the other Welcome Amiibo additions in that game as well. It's very much a "We want people to buy Amiibo" decision.
So the cherry blossoms are back starting today. I only got three of the DIYs last year, but since I already have all the Bunny Day DIYs, I was hoping I'd be able to more easily get the cherry blossom ones this year. I've shot down balloons for over an hour and haven't gotten any!! grrrr!


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
@Toad64 A few pointers from a DIY in the sky shooting expert:

1) Balloons come in from only one side of the island each half of the day. It might differ on your isle (I'm not sure), but in Adventure I see balloons going from east to west from 6AM to 6PM and from west to east from 6PM to 6AM.

2) Normal present balloons have a chance of flying in on any minute ending with a 5 or 0. In contrast, the sky egg balloons will fly in whenever.

3) Persistence pays off. Sometimes you'll get nothing but rubbish for a few hours; other times you might get two recipes in a row or a new item variation.

The tl;dr of it is "Find which direction the balloons are flying in from, camp in the lowest corner of your isle near the balloon entry point, and run up and down the shore every fifth and tenth minute to see if a balloon has spawned."
I need to go through my recipes and see what I'm missing. Will the balloons drop duplicate recipes? If so I'm up for planning to share at the end of the month so everyone can fill in their gaps.


My way, soon
Ankha is my snooty. She's so great, me-meow (Clay's got her saying "thump" and I'm just praying I get the chance to set things right soon).


Same as I ever was
I love Ankha; all four of us play at home, we all have a villager we won't allow to be replaced, and Ankha's mine. Her little snooty frown!
I've never been good at coming up with the Secret Greetings or Catchphrases in these games, but for NH have been looking up the phrases the characters way in other languages and am using those instead.

Today Keaton came up to me so I went to look up his phrases, and in France he just yells "Royaaal"? I'm baffled by this one, anyone have an idea what this is referencing? "Royale" would be the word for royal as far as I know so maybe this is a French pun or something?


..and his little cat, too
I've never been good at coming up with the Secret Greetings or Catchphrases in these games, but for NH have been looking up the phrases the characters way in other languages and am using those instead.

I reached commercial jingles and product slogans for mine.

Now Static greets me with a cheerful "Make 7UP yours!"
So I had a visitor at my campsite, who is Frita, this amazing hamburger sheep. Done.

Gladys is moving out if anyone wants her. Also Saharah is here, she's currently in the Southwest part of town.

I've just opened my gates and the code is GNJQS. Going to be in calls a lot for the rest of the day but will check the connection when I can.


I'm seeing this Slate article make the rounds about how disappointed people are with New Horizons one year in and seeing a bunch of my friends echo the sentiment, and, like, I don't get it? I mean, I get some of the complaints, I also hate crafting and breakable tools and wish there were more buildings and the script were larger. But I am flabbergasted by some people showing disappointment in a game that they played for hundreds and hundreds of hours.

There's a general sentiment about New Leaf having so much more content, and... does it? After the Welcome amiibo update, sure, but that was 3 1/2 years in. New Leaf is great but I got bored of that game in half the time it took me to fall off of playing New Horizons. NH is vastly more customizable. It gives you more to do on a moment-to-moment basis. It has more mechanically interesting and varied events. You get more agency over who moves in and who moves out. If I get one month out of these games I consider them a success and I got a solid 3-4 out of NH. I've never been so obsessed with a single game for so long.

I don't know. Complaints are fine, and disappointment in individual elements of the game make sense. I don't want to tell people how to feel about a game, but I also don't get it. Is it pandemic fatigue seeping in and people associating that fatigue with this game? Are people just viewing earlier games with rose-colored glasses? Did Nintendo botch the content roll-out and spread the game too thin?


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
I definitely get why people have fallen off the game, but the robust photo mode has been enough to keep me playing every day for over a year now.
Probably doesn't do it any favors that there's a F2P game with lots and lots of cool stuff it hopes you will spend loads of real cash money on running concurrently with it, though.
I do not begrudge ANYONE who still enjoys or has enjoyed NH.

But as I've said before, the wife and I got a solid couple months out of it ourselves. And then shortly after that there was a pretty quick falloff when we realized that the town wasn't going to expand anymore. Our other favorite NPCs weren't coming back. So many of our favorite furniture and clothing sets weren't in the game. There wasn't any more shops coming. Nooks wasn't going to get any bigger. And the sporty types were a little too sporty and the lazy types a little too slovenly for our tastes.

I get that in the move to HD not everything could be done. But every game prior has been about adding to the existing structure or maybe tweaking it a bit, this one really left a ton of content on the wayside wholesale and that didn't sit well with us. So I get it.

But like what you like. Play what you like. I won't say I didn't enjoy my time with it. But the wife is focusing on Pocket Camp and that's making HER happy.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Honestly if it still ran on my phone I'd be playing Pocket Camp as well. But in addition to New Horizons, not instead of it. The game's still got a lot of amazing furniture and clothing in it.

If they ever make a Pocket Camp successor with the upgraded models and more dynamic animal clothing of New Horizons and the more hands-on scene setting for photo ops ala Photopia my wallet is doomed. Assuming I have a phone that can run that by then.


My way, soon
I probably would have stopped playing except I have villagers I really like so I enjoy checking in with them every day, and then I might as well clean up around the island at least.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
I'm cutting back a bit now that I'm focusing on SaGa games but I still check in once a day to see if someone is at camp or to see if there's any interesting daily characters (Redd, Kicks, the Gullivers), Wisp sightings, or clothes I've missed. And work on my Nook Miles and getting friends' photos.
Redd is here with a real Scary Painting. There's a pipe from the museum to his spot so no ladder needed.

I also have the following paintings in the "free stuff" area by the airport, I think they're all real:

Sinking painting
Twinkling painting
Dynamic painting
Moody painting
Warm painting
Glowing painting

Raddle is in boxes if you'd like to promote mask-wearing among your villagers.

Dodo code is 06T82, I'm working from home and calling into a lot of meetings today so I'll check the connection when I can.
My wife and I still play almost daily, but we constantly complain about the lack of furniture and things that were in previous games. It just feels like it makes no sense. Why no coffee shop with Brewster in the museum? Why no gyroids?? And it's annoying to see how much new furniture is added to Pocket Camp, and not only is the furniture great looking, the villagers actually interact with it.

This might not be exact, but looking at furniture counts on Nookipedia, New Leaf had 1,764 items of furniture. New Horizons has 807. That's a whole lot missing. In New Leaf after the update, you had furniture that hung from the ceiling. Why aren't those items here? I wanted to recreate some of my favorite room layouts from New Leaf in New Horizons, but the furniture just isn't here. Just a smaller comparison, there are 18 TVs to choose from in New Leaf, including some CRTs which I used for my game room. New Horizons has 6, and that's including the Sanrio one you'll need the amiibo for.

THAT BEING SAID, my wife and I still play almost daily, and I love love love the customization and ability to place things outdoors. You can make a unique town in ways you never could before. I just wish they didn't sacrifice a lot of the older stuff in exchange.
I really liked the new Rover island this year. It's great to see them use the game's mechanics to make such a neat, almost Zelda style puzzle area. Too bad it's only once a year, but I enjoyed playing it.