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Animal Crossing General: New Horizons in our New Horizon!

I am so freaking impressed you kept this up.

Until there's a significant update, July is probably going to be my last month playing this. I need the isopod to complete my critterpedia and after that I've accomplished everything

The perfect timing of the release of this game before the pandemic is still kind of insane. This game will always carry a lot of emotional weight for me and I'm grateful that I had it to get through this last year and a half.


..and his little cat, too
I'm still just trying to get two more Lucky Cats (black and another to turn gold), then I can take it easy, save for collecting KK Slider albums.

But Gulliver won't bring me another!


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
Gulliver has a lot of stuff and things you haven't catalogued yet take priority. There's a lot of headwear variations out there.
While I know he'll go through everything in one colour once to start, I'm not sure about how it works after that. I think he might start mixing up the remaining ones rather than going through the whole catalog in a second colour before moving onto the third? But maybe he does the whole catalog again, like you could get three different geisha headwear before getting two pagodas? Hmm.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
I have catalogued everything from Gullivarrr; what you get after you catch 'em all looks to be completely random. I've already gotten a couple extra pirate walls and a few more pirate dresses.


Me and My Bestie
(He, him)
The last of the new seasonal items from the April update released today and Nintendo still has plans for updates, so it's time to start thinking about what Nintendo might add when the inevitable July update happens to make sure August has seasonal items this year.

Here's some possibilities I've thought of for what future updates may bring.

Zelda Stuff: The Master Sword had been a recurring furniture item since the original Nintendo 64 game and it is sorely missed. Mario had his update "last year" and Zelda is a huge enough series for Nintendo that I could definitely see a Zelda update with loads of new furniture being a thing after Skyward Sword HD hits and the real Year of Zelda can begin.

Also if it brings the Zelda villagers back too that would be nice. Not thrilled about hunting down old figures but I already got a Toon Link who would make a nice Medli-summoning device.

More General Nintendo Stuff: Zelda's not the only one MIA, of course! Star Fox's Arwing also used to be a regular item, and Metroid, Mario Kart, Splatoon, F-Zero, Pikmin, and Nintendogs have all seen furniture items. Maybe we'll see some of that stuff return along with some new stuff for Fire Emblem or ARMS or whatever?

Pokémon Stuff: Hey, an Eevee event graced the F2P game once, it's not an impossibility. Toss in some Pokégoods (and a longshot, maybe Pokévillagers), get people all hyped for the Sinnoh stuff.

New Prizes for Redd's Raffle: The rubbish Redd was selling became rotating stock after the fireworks shows ended, so hopefully he will have some new goods this year. Be a nice time to bring back those old Nintendo toys.

Photopia and Photo Mode Upgrades: Please I want more frames and filters and professional options like aperture and focus and remote item operation and reaction sequencing and walking and running animations for animal villagers and holdable items and indoor fences and a customizable outdoor area and the poof away thing and sitting on beds and standing on the boxing ring and...