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Animal Crossing General: New Horizons in our New Horizon!

Damn, there were orange hats?!

I really wish this game was better at picking up on personal preferences/tastes.
If it's like previous games it's set when you make your island and what color schemes you have of items are locked to that. Before it was the grass pattern (triangles, circles or squares) and there would be certain items that would literally never show up unless you visited others. This time I think it's the plane colour that's your hint but it seems like you can still get everything just not in all colours.


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Don't forget there's a new load of seasonal goods you can order now that the new year is here!


yeah yeah yeah yeah
I think you and I are still in the tutorial phase of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, since my Resident Services building just opened today as well, and there was no New Years event going on for me, either. We're probably not going to be able to participate in holiday events for a few more days, I imagine, at least on our own islands.

I'm slightly salty that I missed both the Christmas and New Year's events despite having started playing before Christmas, but oh well, there's always next year. A couple of friends invited me to visit their islands last night (including MetManMas, thanks!) so I was able to see what the event looked like and buy some dapper hats.


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Five things I would like to see in Photopia in 2021

1) Holdable props.

I get if Nintendo doesn't want to entrust players with an axe or a shovel in photo shoots, but umbrellas? Drinks? Sandwiches? Anything the animal friends can be seen holding around the island every day? It'd mean a lot if I could have them hold that stuff in shoots too.

2) Remote object manipulation.
Furniture does some cool stuff. The monster statue can breathe fire, the skeleton can raise its arms, the RC helicopter can fly, etc. Only thing is, you have to manually operate these objects outside of the photo mode, so you can never get the shot you want.

I realize this is more of a professional option that might take some serious work to pull off, but having the skeleton army come to life on camera with a button press would be pretty awesome.

3) A way to completely remove...headwear and accessories.
I know we're not about to get naked animal friends outside of bugs or Garry's Mod, but can we at least have the option to remove Raymond's glasses and Audie's shades without substituting something else? With all the cosplay options available there are times you might want one of your animal friends to not wear something on their face.

4) Bring back the "Press - to poof away" thing from the wedding event as a permanent option.
The wedding event with Reese and Cyrus had some pretty neat features. One of 'em was the option to make your big stupid face disappear in case you didn't want to get in the way of a shot of the loving couple.

I am so disappointed this is still not a standard option.

5) Amiibo for all the folks that don't have them yet.
Given RL circumstances I totally understand why the best we could get last year was an eventual reprint of the HHD/AF cards, but in 2021 I really hope we'll see some new Amiibo.* I wanna do shoots with C.J. and Flick. I want more people to be able to get Raymond, Audie, and Judy without being tempted to spend real cash money on the villager black market. I want to use Harvey and Wilbur for shoots in a month other than June, dang it!

A Welcome Amiibo reprint would also be nice but something like that is probably already in the works.

* Actually I would prefer a digital option to get friends for shoots so I don't have to scan cards all the time, but I doubt it'll happen.


..and his little cat, too
If it's like previous games it's set when you make your island and what color schemes you have of items are locked to that. Before it was the grass pattern (triangles, circles or squares) and there would be certain items that would literally never show up unless you visited others. This time I think it's the plane colour that's your hint but it seems like you can still get everything just not in all colours.
Eh... that sucks. Sometimes orange stuff shows up, sometimes it doesn't. I just really hate it when it doesn't for stuff like this.
It happened in November. Probably haven't seen 'em 'cuz they are a very popular item and sell out quick.

You'll likely have better luck getting 'em online.
Oh yeah, I figured there was no luck in stores, I'm mainly bummed I didn't even think to look for them on websites. Oh well. Next time I have a gift card or something I'll take a look.
Gates are open, Redd is here with a real Jolly painting and fake Left Wild and Serene paintings. I also have real Dynamic and Twinkling paintings in the "take stuff" pile. Nothing super interesting at Nook's or Able Sisters.


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There's a star storm right now and Celeste is here. If you still need that Capricorn recipe, now's your chance to get it!
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Opinion Piece: I feel it is inevitable that we will see more animal villagers added to the game. Maybe not in late January, maybe not when the Mario stuff hits in March, but eventually. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of Nintendo's biggest Switch releases ever and it's already been hinted that the game will have long term support for new updates.

Not to mention Amiibo sales are doing really dang well now and a new series of cards would get big sales from people that want a Raymond or Judy.

1) More joey-less kangaroos
After like three generations of only female kangaroos with child, New Leaf gave us our first two male kangaroos: Cranky boxer Rooney (pictured) and Cranky Japanese guy Walt.

I'd like more. Get a jock, lazy, and/or smug in there. Maybe have a female kangaroo or two without children; the J-pop industry is rather extremely fucked up insistent that its girls appear to be obtainable so it would not surprise me if a new peppy eventually showed up without a joey. A(nother) sisterly would also be a good fit.

2) Female lions
Okay, this is clearly Mott in a dress with anime eyes glasses, but c'mon. If Animal Crossing can make a kangaroo without a built-in joey, it can make a lion without a mane. Please bring some lionesses into the series.

3) More returning cows (and bulls I guess)
Did you know there are eight cows in the series total?

Did you also know that HALF OF THEM are stuck on GameCube?

I'm very happy that Norma escaped e+ with the Welcome Amiibo update, but it would also be nice to see Belle, Bessie, Carrot, and Petunia come back someday.

The bulls are better off with six in ACNH and three on GC but it'd be nice if Oxford or Verdun came back as a new smug or something.

4) More octopi
(Look I don't have an octopus villager or Amiibo gimme a break)

So far there are only four octopi villagers in the whole series and one of those isn't sure to come back because he's a Splatoon Amiibo tie-in. Even just one or two more would be welcome.

5) More old villagers returning as new smugs and sisterlys
Carmen (Not Rabbit) would make for a pretty good uchi mouse, just sayin'.


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Yesterday, I finally picked up Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for my 3DS.
I regret not buying this game a lot sooner, as someone who enjoyed Pocket Camp for the decor this is exactly my kinda shit. Also NFC readers are expensive now and so are New 2DS XLs after the discontinuation.