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1990s Game Music Thunderdome & Knuckles

Sold Dolls
Soldam Dolls


Summon for hire
Soldam is super cute, but man that Jazz Jackrabbit track starts out Metroid and ends up City Pop. Nice.

Secret of Jazz


Let's 90s gaming
Both of the previous matches are tied. Next new vote breaks the ties.

Our first match takes place today in Amiga City: Q 3 wants you to know they've won the Title in Mega Ball 3.0 multiple times. Falselogic prepare to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight to the tune of the Gotham Cathedral Theme from Batman: The Movie.

Kirin will be very Chrono Cross with you if you don't vote for his nom, Scars of Time. Purple proves she's lazy like a Star Fox by nominating Corneria.

Voting closes at 4 PM PST tomorrow.


Let's 90s gaming
Title and Scar's of Time move on. Meanwhile, a coin flip sends Medivo and Calling Me on to the nesxt round. Bracket

4-So sees the gravity of the situation and leads the charge with Mega Man 5's Staff Roll. Falselogic finds himself working the line at Turrican 3's Stage 1-1: Factory Wall.

Wisteria Hysteria feels Overflowing Emotions whenever he thinks of Vib Ribbon, and spines has found a treasure in Radiant Silvergun's Penta.

Voting closes at 4 PM PST tomorrow.


????? LV 13 HP 292/ 292
(he, him, his)
Turrican & Radiant Silvergun

Wait - Is that Silvergun song by Hitoshi Sakimoto?! I thought it sounded really FFT-esque.


Let's 90s gaming
Penta moves on, as does Staff Roll. Bracket

RT-55J obeys his Metal Masters and dances to the Metal Beat. I think that Final Fantasy VIII's soundtrack is a competitor, but will it stick The Landing?

regulus nominates Stage 3 and hopes they'll get a Cyber Block Metal Orange in their stocking this Christmas. Q 3 gets spicy with Fremens from Dune.

Voting closes at 4:45 PM PST tomorrow.
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