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1990s Game Music Thunderdome & Knuckles


Summon for hire
Is that tiebreaker still open? I think V then, though it was a close one. Today's votes later.


Let's 90s gaming
Metal Beat and Fremens move on. Bracket

I've just been informed that Johnny Unusual has joined a biker gang somewhere in Sierra, Nevada. Hope he doesn't get Road Rash! SpoonyBard picks Battle for Tomorrow from Breath of Fire III. Don't that beat all?

Violentvixen provides a Weird Counterpoint to the other nominations with her pick from Trials of Mana. Lyrai hopes to blow that track away with Storm Eagle from Mega Man X.

Voting closes at 4:45 PM PST tomorrow.


Let's 90s gaming
The winners are Battle for Tomorrow and Storm Eagle. Bracket

No time for puns today unfortunately (fortunately?). Mightyblue nominates Going Down the Fast Way from the 1995 version of Rise of the Triad. Spines nominates Hallucid from Tetrisphere.

And we have a matchup of tracks from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Beta Metroid's nomination is Forest Interlude, while 4-So nominates Stickerbrush Symphony.

Voting closes at 4:45 PM PST tomorrow.