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“I Just Think They're Neat.” Like What You are Playing

Octopus Prime

Mysterious Contraption
Fired up City Wars: Tokyo Reign last night and, despite its awful, non-descript title, I was deeply invested before I finished the tutorial. In simplest terms, it’s Slay the Spire, if it were built more like a traditional CCG And also set in a futuristic combination of John Wick and The Warriors.

You and your opponent take turns slapping cards representing elegant gunkata maneuvers into a timeline, trying to override one another, and at the end of a turn all go off in sequence until either someone is dead or another turn begins.
So when replaying The Last of Us while also going through Disco Elysium for the first time, it's a good idea to play practically anything else in between so one does not end up throwing oneself off of a tall building. Turns out that Kirby's Dream Land 2 is the perfect game for that. If Kirby riding a hamster doesn't make you happy I don't know what will.


Golf Story is good fun. The challenges are varied and interesting and there are some decent jokes. Some of the music is not great, but there are some real great pieces too.


Staff member
DQ Builders 2 was on sale and I'm glad I bit. Builders 1 was addictive and charming as heck but it def had the occasional rough edge and I fell off fairly quickly. Builders 2 is the same game but even further polished. Amazing how a little spitshine feels like a big leap forward. What's surprised is how successful it is replicating the DQ experience. It feels less like a spin-off, and more like a mainline game reflected in wavy funhouse mirror. DQ suggests a world through abstraction: pixel icons for towns, fields, mountains; menus for combat, stats for personality, etc. Builders achieves the same effect by applying another level of abstraction. Blocks represent pixel icons (this connection is made clear by the world map displaying in old school DQ style) and deliberately-paced action represents menu-combat. How slick! And what a great wrapper for a Minecraft clone. The combination of the classic DQ experience and craft-em-up systems is highly potent.

Weird how we haven't heard any rumblings of a Builders 3. Maybe the idea of adapting DQ3 into this style is too daunting.


A most radical pontiff
(He, Him)
That is a good one. I’ve tried Minecraft a couple of times but never really get anywhere due to the lack of focus but I loved both those games. Only real complaint is that once the story parts are done there isn’t really any reason to keep farting around in the big creative world they give you. Wouldn’t mind some sort of high level postgame challenge.


Playing Final Fantasy X on ps2 atm, around 12-13 hours in (I keep pausing so its hard to say for sure), and this game's presentation is phenomenal for a 2001 JRPG.

Also think the game's universe is very well fleshed out atm.