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yiff thread

  1. Torzelbaum

    Weird question quarantine thread

    A place for weird questions that don't fit anywhere else. Here's mine: I wonder - are there people who don't like cats but are attracted to catgirls*? *Or catboys or catpeople of all other gender identities
  2. Syless

    Guilty Pleasure Gaming- Like a Confessional, but Nerdier

    Ever play a game that you know is bad? Or one that you're embarrassed to tell other people about for whatever reasons? This is the place to get it off your chest! I've got a bunch of entries, but to get started: Lately I've been playing a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons Online. It began in 2006...
  3. Becksworth

    Actually... Don’t Make THAT Thread, or "The Riff Thread Name Thread"

    For when you want to make a riff thread NAME, but not actually a riff thread THREAD for them. What is the best Yeet! - A thread about epic throws Eggo to the Breakfast Aisle - The Waffles Thread Fawful Phrases - A thread where we all speak like Fawful from Mario & Luigi
  4. Vaeran

    Please tag this thread.

    The rules governing tags on TT 2.0 were simple: a thread's creator could post five, other users could post two each, threads could have a maximum of 25 tags, and the character limit was always one less than the really good goof you just thought of. But here? Here the situation is less clear...