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Actually... Don’t Make THAT Thread, or "The Riff Thread Name Thread"


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
For when you want to make a riff thread NAME, but not actually a riff thread THREAD for them.

What is the best Yeet! - A thread about epic throws
Eggo to the Breakfast Aisle - The Waffles Thread
Fawful Phrases - A thread where we all speak like Fawful from Mario & Luigi
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Exposition Owl

more posts about buildings and food
-What is the Bess Thread - Talking About The Elizabethan Era

-What is the Bast Thread - Talking About Ancient Egyptian Deities


Find Your Reason
Thread of existential political British Bread

You'll never look at crumpets or scones the same way.


Round and round I go
Staff member
What is the Crest thread - Talking about toothpaste

What is the pressed thread - Talking about ironing

What is the blessed thread - Talking about habits


Summon for hire
Does anybody have that one Comic Making Game comic we did where Mario turned into a destructive giant and then died with mushrooms sprouting out of his corpse?

Oh dang, I haven't thought about those in ages. I wonder how many of the image links survived. Will have to do some digging when the archives get back online. Unless anyone happens to have stashed copies of the end results...

Johnny Unusual

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