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The Mashup Thread


Dreaming of better days
Because sometimes two or more songs put together into one new song sounds really good and elevates or transforms the original material in ways that the original artists couldn't have imagined... and sometimes the same process is really funny and you just need a laugh. This thread is for both! Just try not to slow people's browsers to a crawl, please.

I'll get things started. One serious:

And one silly:



Blip blip blip blip blip blip blip blip
Friend recently posted this to Facebook. It's... surprisingly effective.


Paul le Fou

I just found DJ Cummerbund the other day through his topical (and seriously fantastic) WAP/Devil Went Down to Georgia mashup, but going through his archives I also found this one which was stuck in my head for a few solid days:
Make sure you stick with it at least until the chorus.

Paul le Fou

This thread also wouldn't be complete without some Neil Cicierega.