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Your Favorite Album Art


Dreaming of better days
Just what the thread title says! Maybe the album cover connects with the music in a way that you like, or the inner gatefold sleeve of an old vinyl record doesn't get enough love, or maybe you just think a particular cover looks cool. As long as you like it, feel free to post it! Just keep things safe for work, please, and provide labels for those minimalistic covers that don't feature the artist name or album title. (If you really like an album cover that happens to be NSFW in some way, putting it behind a link with the appropriate warning is fine.) Oh, and try not to post anything too huge!

To get things started, here are a few of my favorites in no particular order:

Aaron Martin - A Room Now Empty

MoeTar - Entropy of the Century

The Tea Club - Grappling

Genesis - Wind & Wuthering

The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden


Post Reader
Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Brand New - Science Fiction

The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute

Muse - Absolution


What's Shenmue?
Eluvium - Indecipherable Text

Explosions in the Sky - The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock


dirtbag lesbian
I'm a big fan of the cover art for CHVRCHES' The Bones of What You Believe, in all likelihood my favourite album in the world, but I am only just now realizing that it's a mesh of the album art for two singles off the album, Gun and Recover.

Beck - Hyperspace

They Might Be Giants - Join Us

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity

Tiers in Rain

Gaming Replicant!
Here are just a few. A very very few of mine. I could go on in this thread for years.

Monolord - Rust

The Cure - Disintegration

Godflesh - Selfless

Fear Factory - Demanufacture

Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent

Tzusing ‎- 東方不敗