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  1. Lokii

    Live-A-Live, in general

    Yowza that Remake news. I had conjectured that Live-A-Live would be a great candidate to follow-up Trials of Mana. Specifically, in the way that remake brought the SNES game to 3D in direct fashion but modernizing and fine tuning all its aspects. From character models down to map layout, its...
  2. Peklo

    Shin Megami Tensei V

    Releases on November 12th. Whatever tribulations Nocturne's recent remaster can be viewed to have as a port and rerelease, it's effectively done its job in reminding me of why I ever liked the series in the first place. I'm not going to carry all of that goodwill from a game almost two decades...
  3. Dracula

    Dracula's Dungeon of Classic JRPGs and Other Nonsense

    ~STEP INTO THE SHADOW OF THE HELL HOUSE~ Welcome! Enter freely, and of your own will. This thread is a continuation of my off-the-cuff Let's Play series from TT 2.0. I don't have the ability to capture video or screens from my CRT, so this isn't always a strict play-by-play. Mainly I'm just...
  4. Albatoss

    Crossing the bridge between dreams and reality - Let's Play Eternal Sonata!

    ~LP complete as of July 17, 2021~ (Note: this is a migrated thread from the old forums that originally started in May 2020, hence the lack of responses to this thread for the first few pages. You can read the archive of the old thread here.) Table of Contents Chapter 1: Raindrops Verse 1-1...