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YouTube is the one you upload videos to

I have a YouTube Premium subscription. Who gets the money I spend on that? Some of the shows I watch on there complain about demonetization, but I've only heard for sure they're losing advertising money. Do they still get mine?

I personally wish I had the option of spending more per month on that subscription so I could give more money to the shows I watch without having to give money to lots of different Patreon accounts, but I'd still want myself and not YouTube's algorithms or demonetization policies being the one to decide how that money is portioned out... but maybe Patreon would be simpler at this point?


Post Reader
I highly advise not directly giving Youtube money if your goal is to support the people who make Youtube videos you like


Find Your Reason
How DOES monetization work, anyway? As in, I usually let <30s ads play, even when they come in pairs, but there's no way I'll watch a 4 minute short film masquerading as an ad. Does the creator get more money from those, or do they "weigh" the same to YouTube? Does the creator get less if I exit the video several seconds early, when they're just doing their Patreon shoutout or sponsor call? I mean, I assume there are metrics that a sponsor can look at to make sure an audience is actually getting their message, so does that reflect on the creator?


Staff member
I subscribe to Youtube premimum or whatever it is just to have an ad-free experience. I've done it for years and never regretted it. I didn't think any of that money went to creators though. If I want to support someone I do it through Patreon.


Geno Cidecity
I searched to see if there was a general purpose catchall youtube thread before posting this video and this one came up.

Please enjoy this video in which Tom Scott discusses the history of, uh, Kirby's Dream Land:


Geno Cidecity
Another companion piece to that video is this video which is also not a real Tom Scott video:

The punchline, which actually occurs at 1:15, is perfect


Comes and goes with the wind
YouTube monetization and metrics are an ever-shifting landscape, but these are roughly my current understanding: a Premium view will give a channel more money than a regular ad view. Ad revenue is only worthwhile in large volumes. A little chunk of the Premium subscription goes into YouTube's coffers, but the rest is divied up based on what people watch and how much they watch it (kind of like the Skillshare model), so... not watching a full video could reduce their cut a little.

For YouTube creators, there's different statuses of monetization, but some videos that get limited ads would still get Premium revenue. Not sure how it's divided for split revenue copyright claimed content (claimed content, but the claimer will share). The reason demonetization matters so much to creators is because the number of non-Premium members far outweights the number of Premium members. Premium is a better source of revenue than ads, but there's not usually enough Premium members to subsist from. Ultimately, a Patreon subscription is the most reliable way to support creators, but Premium is good too.

I subbed to Premium last year in a trial, and since I do most of my YouTube watching on the TV, it's been a good deal.

Oh! That reminds me, this may have changed, but before I got Premium, I used to watch 10 seconds of ads and then skip, because at the time that counted as an "ad view" and thus money, and skipping before that would not count. So you don't have to watch a full 4 minute video-turned-ad, just part of it. And to be even more annoying, since YouTube, like Google, is watching your every move, you might have to watch a video for a minute or two for it to count, otherwise the algorithm might interpret stopping a video early as "this is not useful content", like Google does when you click on something and then back out immediately.


Geno Cidecity
OK so like I don't know if we want a separate thread for "fun moments from various panel shows on one or more BBC networks" but here's this, which I found on youtube


Exposition Owl

more posts about buildings and food
If we're doing the best of BBC panel shows, I have to post this. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. For a bit of context, this is from the show "Would I Lie to You?", in which one player makes a claim about their own life, and then the members of the other team ask them questions to try to figure out whether it's true.



Slam Master
(he, etc.)
I don't usually post my own videos outside of the thread I have for that, but this one is me recommending OTHER YouTube channels, so tonight at 9pm central, I'll be talking about 10 channels I really like that aren't getting enough love.



I always enjoy watching your videos, Shakewell! =) Just wanted to say that since i'm posting in this thread.

And i'm posting here to share a channel about the history of physics, Kathy Loves Physics & History. It has been such a joy watching her videos during lunch time that i want to share it. I'm sure there are a bunch of physics nerds here. Here's one of them:



Threat Rhyme
Looks like TeamFourStar is starting a new DBZA-adjacent series, HFIL!

Honestly I am here for a sitcom about dead DBZ villains.


Geno Cidecity

Hypothesis: Tom and Jerry serves the same purpose for older cats that Fox News does for the aging American population


Geno Cidecity
So today (or, really, the night before) I learned there's apparently a billboard viral charts -- through this video on a backyardigans song:



Summon for hire
Damn I love musical deep dives like that. In some extremely alternate universe I was a music major.

Also I had no idea Backyardigans was secretly (or not at all secretly for anyone who actually watched it I guess) an awesome global music revue.


elementary my dear baxter
The irony is if you pay for Youtube Premium, you don't see the ads. I would like to hope they at least pay attention to what channels and videos the Premium customers are watching the most and make sure said content creators are looked after.


This really transcends running a joke into the ground and becomes a source of excellent disquieting horror atmosphere.


Slam Master
(he, etc.)
That series is in my recommendations all the time, but I never watch because I just generally don't love hearing people talk about why stuff sucks on the internet anymore?


Geno Cidecity
I like it because secretly the biggest target of ire in any of the videos is rarely the actual song but instead the way the YouTube machine works. That's the joke underpinning stuff like the pedalmobile and the recurring non-sponsorships

That said, a very valid justification!


space hero for hire
(He/Him + RT/artee)
I discovered this channel earlier this week:

extremely literal videogame character "analysis" done with pitch-perfect delivery