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You should play (& download) the Aliens Flash Board Game right now before Flash goes away

You like Aliens, right? There was an Aliens board game that received an Adobe Flash version in 2008 and it is a blast to play. It's basically a turn based strategy game, kinda like X-COM but no cover. Adobe Flash reaches end of life on Dec 31st, 2020, so here's what you can do right now to play it offline:

download newgrounds player:

download the flash file: (Right click, save link as...)

When running the newground player, go to "File > Load" and select the flash file you downloaded.

Here is the newgrounds website for game, if you want to try your luck playing it in your browser (mine doesn't work), or if you need to investigate other methods of downloading the flash file. This website makes it seem like you can autoload the flash file into your installed player using a link (i.e., eliding a separate download), but this method causes my player to crash/stop responding.

There are 3 levels, and even beating the first one feels like a major accomplishment. This game is MEAN and random, but you can get good and more consistent at it. You'll be shouting movie quotes everytime the tables turn, that's half the fun. If someone gets incapacitated, you can pick them up with someone else and carry them to the end of the level. ("We don't leave our people behind!") Units heal between missions, but if you leave a lot of guys behind or they get captured then you become shorthanded in the next level.

You should read the instructions to understand the mechanics, but here's some tips:

-Aliens attack by entering the square of a Marine. This initial attack can deal any amount of damage, including going from full to incapacitated or dead. The next turn, if the Alien isn't thrown off or killed, then he captures that Marine (both the creature and Marine are taken off the map).

-Flamethrowers are godly because they don't cause acid to kill your guys. One downside is that if an Alien is on the same square as a Marine, a flamethrower attack will always kill the Marine. So it is actually worse than doing nothing in that instance (both Alien and Marine were going to go away next turn anyway).

-Using bullet-based weapons are risky when Aliens are on top of you, because the acid can kill (or injure) both that Marine and adjacent Marines. You can quickly turn one at risk Marine into a pile of injured and incapacitated ones.

-Don't underestimate the power of fists to throw Aliens off OTHER Marines, even though it isn't that accurate compared to weapons. If a Marine is under an Alien and they or someone else doesn't throw him off using fists then that Marine is either going to get captured (if you do nothing) or become a serious liability (kill the Alien, everyone maybe gets hit with acid). Fists are risk free and can lead to the best outcome (everyone survives, tossed Alien gets roasted, no one needs to be carried). Apone seems to be especially skilled with fists.

-I recommend placing your flamethrower guys at the END of your turn order. They are like your dependable backstops, so let your chancier weapons go first. For the same reason, I think pistols are good units to place at the front of the turn order.