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  1. SpoonyBard

    The long awaited Stinkoman 20X6: LEVEL 10!

    For your favorite soon-to-be-dead Flash player! With updates to the game to make it less not-fun! More health! Checkpoints! No dyin from ledge-fall! New wicked-awesome super compressed anime-ish opening cutscene like the good ol CD days! Play it while you still can!
  2. dosboot

    You should play (& download) the Aliens Flash Board Game right now before Flash goes away

    You like Aliens, right? There was an Aliens board game that received an Adobe Flash version in 2008 and it is a blast to play. It's basically a turn based strategy game, kinda like X-COM but no cover. Adobe Flash reaches end of life on Dec 31st, 2020, so here's what you can do right now to...