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You ever turn on a game and just sit at the title screen for a while?


It's not a particularly impressive title screen, but I would always let Legacy of the Wizard idle, because it has an extensive attract mode that shows off a bunch of cool areas and music I never got to experience myself.


Find Your Reason
I definitely stared at this screen for a very long time.


The title screen is normally just the word "Nier" on a solid black screen. After you get Ending D and erase Nier (and your savefile) out of existence, you get the Moonflower on it. In-game, the Moonflower is said to grant any wishes. The plot kicks off when Nier's daughter tries to find one, and Kainé wears one in her hair.
When I played through River City Girls earlier this year, I noticed I let the opening video play through every time rather than just mashing the buttons to get into the game. I don't know if I've ever actually done that in a game before.



Find Your Reason
Speaking of Nier's title screen...

While it skips the traditional "crystal harp" section, this version of Prelude is the most gorgeous in the franchise yet. While I often just put my PS4 to sleep, sometimes I'd power down or at least quit the game entirely so I could restart properly with this title screen.


BTW, I didn't even know it existed until I looked up the FFXV title screen above, but the upload channel is all about Title Screens :p

EDIT: Oh, and of course, the obligatory title screen:

I honestly believe MM3 has a better title theme (fight me) but 2 has a much better combo of music and visuals. Like Air Man, it just can't be beaten.
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Little Waves
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While it skips the traditional "crystal harp" section, this version of Prelude is the most gorgeous in the franchise yet.

It had never even occurred to me that "Somnus" resembles "Prelude," but I hear it now.
Xenoblade Chronicles X is a pretty good one to hang out on the title screen for:

The original Dragon's Dogma title screen was fun not only for sweeping landscapes and day/night cylcles, but also Into Free:


Arm Candy
I mean, sometimes I would put the Chrono Cross disc in just to watch the opening cinematic.

Does that count?
I mean, sometimes I would put the Chrono Cross disc in just to watch the opening cinematic.

Does that count?
Yes it does! Was coming to check if posted. Also stayed for the second intro with great music too and slightly different text from the game, I think.
When Harle says, "Zis is not prophétie nor spéculation! 'Tiz histoire!" I'm like, "yeah. H*ck yeah." Or I guess. "Oui oui, 'tiz, précisement!!!"
More for the intro than the title itself, but I definitely just put in Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song in to just chill:
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Tiers in Rain

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I do this but not intentionally. The only time I have to play anything is early in the morning before I start work. So often I'll turn a game on and stare off into space as I contemplate the gravity of the day ahead of me as the title sequence repeats itself over, and over, and over because I literally forget to press start.
This is definitely something I've done less of (never) since I was a child. Only needing to suspend as opposed to close applications has obviously been a huge part of this when it comes to console games. Don't think I've ever done it when gaming on a PC and I was at first willing to write this off as "not wanting to sit in front of a computer wasting time" which is obviously absurd.

Oh, and Chrono Cross's title screen proper was also sick and definitely engaging enough while I was waiting for the thrilling music videos to start...
Always loved this video, too and waited for it. Have no memory of that game's idle title screen though so maybe it's less... memorable.
Just started a new game of Dragon Age Inquisition and it occurs to me that the more time you waste on the title screen before starting a new game, (spoilers for the first several seconds of Dragon Age Inquisition) the more people die in the first several seconds of Dragon Age Inquisition. :cry:


hardcore retro gamin'
Oh, definitely. The most recent one for this was Wild ARMs Alter Code: F. I loved this intro music (first tune). It also has the opening from the original Wild ARMs when you load your save, but the awesome movie has been replaced with a lamer one. I used to watch that (and Wild ARMs 2's) opening as well.

(Apologies for the non-video link - the YouTube ones have a terrible trumpet in there that sounds different from the US release. It's still in there, just a lot quieter.)

Also, I watched the opening to Suikoden III a ridiculous number of times.

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Mellotron enthusiast
The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy has some really good ones:

I love the hard swerve in tone that Lightning Returns uses, and it also syncs up with the music pretty well.
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