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Xenoblade Chronicles 3


The DRKest Roe
(He, Him)

Despite previously being announced for September, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now coming out on July 29th.


The Goggles Do Nothing
Thanks for moving that up, jerks! I already was trying to figure out a way to finally complete Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before the release of 3! I have had it on the agenda since the Smash Bros DLC!
I'm pretty amazed by the output of this studio considering most other studios have slowed down their game output. In the time that they've put put Xenoblade 1, X, 2, 3, there have been ... 1 Zelda game, 1 Dragon Quest game, 1.33 Final Fantasy games, etc.
Xenoblade 2 was my favorite JRPG of recent years, so I'm looking forward to it. There was a lot of feedback about the confusing battle system in 2. I think it was actually an amazing battle system with practically nonexistent tutorial. I hope they address the feedback by creating a great tutorial instead of dumbing it down!

Pajaro Pete

I'm pretty amazed by the output of this studio considering most other studios have slowed down their game output. In the time that they've put put Xenoblade 1, X, 2, 3, there have been ... 1 Zelda game, 1 Dragon Quest game, 1.33 Final Fantasy games, etc.

to be fair monolith soft is also the folks making the zelda games

Pajaro Pete

anyway some stuff:


by trading jackets the characters can also trade classes.


the arts in the lower left are from different weapon types/classes than the ones on the lower right, but whether this is "invoke class change" like a xenoblade 2 blade switch or "command an ally to use a specific art" is unclear


I'm going to miss the driver/blade stuff.

In any case, take my money NIntendo, ya bastids.


The DRKest Roe
(He, Him)
Well, I count at least 6 characters on that screenshot, so it seems like yes? The whole "fusion" system would seem to mandate it, since you combine 2 characters into one.

Pajaro Pete

Do you have 7 characters in battle at a time? Seems like a whole lot. Is there some sort of system to switch them in and out?

there are six permanent party members and then seemingly a rotating seventh character. it's unclear if it's "everyone everywhere attacking all the time" or if it's a more a xenoblade 2 torna the golden country expansion moment where technically everyone is there but they function in pairs

Pajaro Pete


Combat System Overview (In Japanese, then in English via Google Translate)

Characters manifest their own weapons, called Blades. I guess not having to render weapons at all times helps shave off a few polygons.

You can engage enemies or run away if you want to, you coward.

The character classes/jackets/weapons are divided into three broad groups:

Attacker, or DPS as the kids call it, hits things hard and has a strong focus on flanking the enemy.

Defender, or Tank as the kids call it, draw Aggro off allies and onto themselves, and rely either on damage reduction or dodging to mitigate enemy attacks. The target lines you see in combat are Blue when the enemy is targeting a Tank character, and Red if they're targeting an Attacker or a Healer.

Healer. They heal and buff, and most importantly, and this is one you'll want to pay attention to,
Only characters in a Healer class can revive fallen allies.


In combat, certain classes can lay down Fields that provide a buff to characters standing inside, represented by a glowing green circle here. This one regenerates HP for the characters standing inside. How well this will work out in practice with the AI party members is anyone's guess, but it does seem preferable to Melia's proximity boosts from 1.

Tanks have a blue circle around them (you can see Mio and Lanz's in the screenshot above) and it seems to be that they pull Aggro from characters standing in their circle, but I'm not sure if they mean it like, it literally drains their accumulated aggro while they're standing inside or enemies will just automatically switch to targeting the tank if the character they're targeting enters the Tank Zone?

Because of all this positioning business, they added a Quick Step

You can swap which character you're playing as at any time, including in battle, apparently.


Aging Hipster Dragon Dad
So don't buy the expansion pass until the inevitable physical release of the story expansion, right?


definitely not a robot
(He/Him + RT/artee)
Having all the characters be less than 10 years old is peak JRPG writing.
The cut scenes look very cinematic. This was a strength of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

I was worried they were going to dumb down the battle system in response to criticism of the complexity of Xenoblade chronicles 2. Glad to see that it looks pretty crunchy!